15 Vi In Anger


The group of six men was alerted when they heard a cold voice behind them. That voice was so cold that it brought a chill down to their spines. As such, all of them hurriedly turned around as they put their guard at the maximum limits. All of whom were wary of the person who just called them.

Only to see a skinny and ragged brat in their wake.


The six men were silent for a moment before they traded a glance with each other. And knowing each other's thoughts, all of them suddenly began laughing like madmen, mocking themselves for their sudden reaction from such a brat.

"What the hell, you guys are scared because of this brat?! I pity you all, hahaha!"

"Same to you bro! kwahahaha!"

Ignoring the skinny brat, the six men mocked each other without restraint. It went for a good while before, finally, one of them named Pedro walked closer to Vi and stood right in front of him. From his burly appearance, he appeared to be a man in his early thirties. Compared to the brat in front of him, Pedro appeared so huge that he could crush the other party with a single wave of his palm.

Pedro's expression was cold and ruthless. His eyes were ready to claim a life. And staring at Vi that close, there was an urge in his heart to crush that brat's face for the lack of reaction. How dare this brat wear that nonchalant face in front of him?! He must be courting death!

"Who are you brat?! How dare you call us so arrogantly? Are you seeking death?" Pedro turned to look down at Vi as he pressed the other party's chest with his right forefinger. He couldn't wait to smash that ugly face of his.

"Nethaia Roo... Tell me what exactly happened to her." Instead of answering the man before him, Vi went directly to the point as he asked. He wanted to confirm what he had just heard earlier before he made anything ruthless. However, from his tone of voice, it seemed like he was ordering around rather than asking.

"This brat..." Pedro had a hard time controlling his temper as a frown and frustration took over his face. How dare this kid ignore his question?! Not only that, he was even ordering him around! How could he tolerate something like that? He really must be courting death!

"Wait, Pedro! Can't you see that this kid is saying something? Let's hear him out first."

But as Pedro was about to do something violent against the brat before him, Juan, one of his companions, suddenly spoke from behind. He then walked beside Pedro, tapped his shoulder, and went to see Vi closer.

This Juan was comparatively slimmer and a bit taller than Pedro. He had a wide grin on his face and his eyes were up to no good. Even by hearing his voice alone, anyone could immediately tell that he had malicious intent.

"Kid, are you asking about Nethaia Roo?" Juan then asked timidly, but the grin didn't leave his face.

"..." Vi didn't reply though. But his cold and sharp eyes answered the other party.

"Oho, what cute eyes you have there. I will take it as a yes, right?" Juan responded sarcastically as he went on, "Hmmm... So, it's about her... I don't know what relationship you have with her but I must tell you, this bitch and her guild have been defeated by the Tyrannical Overlords. And as most people knew, there was a bet placed between their fight. And this bet wasn't a secret to the public." His grin suddenly turned wider as he continued, "You understand me, kid? That bitch you are asking about is now one of the Tyrannical Overlords! The vice-guild master of Tyrannical Overlords, Ji Dan Lustre, is probably fucking with her right now, kekeke."

Suddenly, Vi exuded a cold aura as he glared at the man who had spoken badly to his elder sister. He tried his best to suppress his anger as he responded, "Who are you calling bitch? Take back your words."

"Woah! What lovely eyes you have there!" Juan took a step backward as though he was scared, but his sarcastic voice revealed that he was just fooling around. As such, just after the next second, his grin suddenly disappeared as he revealed a cold and ruthless expression before he continued, "What if I don't want to? What can you even do?"

"Then you will die," Vi didn't delay a moment as he replied right away. His gaze was filled with anger, his hands twitched. It was evident that he was itching to crush the other party already.


However, instead of giving a reply, Juan and the other five men didn't take him seriously at all as they began laughing. It even appeared that they would die laughing as though they had heard the funniest joke in the world.

"You heard that bro? You will die if you don't take back your words, kwahahaha!"

"Just take it back bro! That is if you don't want to die, hahaha!"

The other men behind Pedro and Juan spoke sarcastically as they laughed untiringly. It was apparent that they were mocking their comrade as he was being looked down upon by a mere brat.

Juan obviously wasn't bothered by his friends teasing him as he was so used to it already. Even so, he couldn't just let the words of that brat go unnoticed, right? Since he had such big words, he should have the strength to back them up, right?

With that in mind, Juan put his face closer to Vi's as he pressed the other party's forehead with his forefinger. And then he said, "I want to see how will you kill m..."



Before Juan could finish his words, Vi had already made a move. His hand bulged a bit as he threw out an uppercut casually, hitting the other party on his stomach.

Juan failed to react as he didn't expect that the other party would suddenly attack him so fiercely and give him fatal damage. He couldn't withstand the strength of that punch as he let out a liquid from his mouth. Before he knew it, he was already kneeling on the ground, hugging his stomach with his arms to ease the pain.

Who would have thought that with that attack alone, more than half of his HP would be erased the next instant? Juan was completely stupefied. Fear seeped into his heart. Just who in the world was this brat?

On the other hand, Vi maintained a cold and nonchalant expression. With the ability that he had received from the Body Slime, the one who had extremely strong physical power, smashing that man into a meat paste wouldn't give a bit of difficulty at all. He believed that sending a light tap would be more than enough to make the other party suffer.

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