12 Unexpected Surprise

Somewhere inside the woods, a young boy was lying on the ground for who knew how long it had been. He was in a pathetically wretched state that if anyone were to look at him, it would be normal if they deemed him dead.

But after a good while, the boy who seemed dead suddenly opened his pure black eyes. His thought was so deep, it was hard to fathom. His eyes were so sharp and cold and they were as though the darkness itself was within them.

Who else could it be other than Vi?

Without opening his mouth, Vi pushed his body to get up from the ground. His knees were on the ground, and both his hands were pushing his body up.

"Did I just escape the first tutorial ground?" These were the first words that Vi had spoken. His voice was filled with confusion and disbelief, not minding the slight pain he still felt.

As he was in that position, Vi raised his right hand to see his palm. He then clenched it into a fist for a good while before, finally, a smile appeared on his lips.

"Hehehe," Soon, Vi started to laugh mildly. His arms were now on the ground, his forehead as well.

"Kuwahahaha," But it didn't take long for him to laugh so loud as though he finally had gone into insanity. He then flipped his body around and lay comfortably on the ground. His eyes were now closed as he laughed with joy and had his tears come out. How could he not if he had just managed to escape the tutorial ground as well as those five slimes?

For a good while, Vi enjoyed himself laughing. He didn't mind if there were monsters in the surroundings or if he would attract their aggro. All he wanted was to enjoy that very moment.

So after some time, Vi was finally satisfied with laughing. He wiped the tears from the very edge of his eyes with the back of his two hands. All the fatigue and tiredness were wiped away as well. All those sufferings, he buried them in the past.

"Damn you all, slimes. I swear to God, I will come back and exact my revenge." Vi then spoke coldly as he finally opened his sharp eyes. His expression right now was exceedingly cold, and in his heart, resentment had taken root deep within.


However, only a moment had passed when his cold expression suddenly swayed. His eyebrows were knitted involuntarily, a frown took place on his face.

In front of him, he saw multiple hologram screen projections floating in midair. At first, he was surprised when he read the content of the system notification, thinking that he had read it wrong.

But soon, a sudden change of expression happened again. His eyes widened in shock before he hurriedly got up and sat on the ground to see if he saw it right.

So, when Vi had a clearer look at the hologram screen projections appearing in his view, blood came out of his mouth all of a sudden. It appeared like he suffered internal damage just by seeing the content of the system notification.

[You have broken the rules. You have been cursed by the system.]

[You received passive skill: Stagnant]

[Stagnant (passive) - No experience gain. Prohibited from leveling up.]

"What the hell is this? A curse? A punishment? No experience gain??? What the hell?! Are you joking with me!?!" Vi failed to control his emotion as he burst into anger. His eyes were burning red, smoke came out from his nose and ears.

This was just too unreasonable! The system must be mad to give him such a passive skill. Vi didn't want to accept it. This was way too much. How could he become stronger if he couldn't gain experience points and levels? Just what had he done wrong for him to stay as a level 1 player for the rest of his life?!

Vi was not resigned. His fiery gaze filled with grudge pierced through the system notification. He wanted to tear it apart. If before, he resented the five slimes down to the bottom of his heart, right now, that resentment was shifted to the system.

"Ugghh!!! This is so frustrating!" With nowhere to vent his anger, Vi clutched his hair so hard that he almost pulled it out of his scalp. It took a long good while before he finally breathed a deep sigh trying to calm his mind.

Now that something like this happened to him, Vi could only try to look for the other possible way for him to get stronger. After all, he knew full well that he couldn't defy the system and its decision. He would only lose his mind if he forcefully tried to do so.

With that in mind, Vi stood up from the ground. He then closed his eyes before he took another deep breath. He just hoped that the system wouldn't be so cruel to him as to also not give him another method to become stronger.

To his surprise, as Vi opened his eyes again, more system notifications appeared in his view. This time, he didn't know whether to get angry or be happy. Only a frown and confusion could be seen in his expression.

[You quit the game tutorial. You cannot receive the beginner's rewards anymore.]

[The Great One has taken a liking to you. You've been recognized by the Great One. You've become one of his disciples.]

[You received a Title: Disciple Of The Great One.]

[Since you've become a disciple of the Great One, you will receive the Great One's gift box.]

[You've received a reward: Great One's Gift Box.]


"I cannot receive the beginner's rewards anymore? No, that's not the main point here..." Vi muttered in a low voice as he took a few moments of pause to ponder. After some time, he added with narrowed eyes, "Who in the world is this Great One? How can I become his disciple? Judging by his name, he should be someone extraordinary, right?"

Vi couldn't be bothered by the beginner's rewards he'd lost from the game tutorial. Although these rewards had a huge impact on every player, he couldn't just ignore the other thing which was the matter about the Great One, right? That said, the focus of his attention didn't fall on the beginner's reward but on the Great One.

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