26 The Last Two Items

A group of about twenty people was heading in a certain direction. It wasn't a surprise that the road they were taking was connected to the road that Vi had gone on previously. Led by a gorgeous young lady in her mid-teens, they appeared imposing and majestic as though none would dare to block their way.

"Aren't we there yet? How far are we from the Slime's Lair?" The young lady suddenly asked. Her gorgeous pure black eyes blinked once before her gaze fell on the man on her right side.

This young lady was clad in silver armor fitting her slightly mature body. Her green hair was tied into a bun, preventing it from covering her eyes to cause any kind of distraction. On her waist was a sword, on her left shoulder planted something like a green rose. She gave off the airs that could put anyone into a trance.

"A little more, young miss. We'll reach there very soon. Don't worry, we have secured the dungeon. No one can find it, much less, enter it to cause trouble." The man in his mid-thirties clad in slightly different silver armor replied seriously. Confidence filled his tone of voice.

"Hmph, make sure nothing goes wrong. If it happens that the dungeon has been trespassed by someone and they touch even a single slime, I will hold you responsible for this, alright?" The young lady responded coldly.

"Rest assured, young miss Diana." The man only replied these few words with a slight smile. Since he had his trusted people guarding the dungeon, he wasn't worried that someone might even accidentally enter it.

And thus, this group of people led by the young lady named Diana proceeded in their course of action. Unbeknownst to all of them, the dungeon they were heading into had already been trespassed by someone else.


"Now then..." Having decided to invest his stat points in Vitality, Vi cleared his mind. Since he had already checked out the two things he received from the Great One's Gift Box, the Blessing of the Great One and the passive skill: Supreme Vessel, he decided to also see the last two items. And since the first two items were great things, he had set his mind that the last two items were at the same value.

That being said, Vi summoned the system as he said, "Let's see what kind of items these are..." There was a moment of pause before he continued, "Inventory,"

As soon as he said those words, another window appeared in a hologram screen projection with many slots representing his inventory.

And there he found two items: Exiled Knight and Shard Of The Black Star.

Staring at the only items he had, Vi nodded twice. Just as he expected, these two items seemed like they weren't ordinary either. Their names were written in black and it could give the same feeling as the time when he first saw the item Great One's Gift Box that also had the same name color. It made his heart beat strangely fast, causing his hand to shake uncontrollably.

"Exiled Knight," Knowing that nothing would happen if he just stared at his items, Vi spoke again. In the next moment, another window appeared in his view.

[Exiled Knight (Permanent)]

• (???)


"It's still unidentified?" Vi was rather taken aback when he saw the description of his item, Exiled Knight. He was a bit surprised to see that this item was still currently locked.

What does that mean? In this world, items that were identified were very common and could be found almost everywhere. However, items such as this Exiled Knight were extremely rare. After all, unidentified items often had special abilities or purposes. If not, they certainly possessed greater stats compared to those identified items.

However, as a downside, one must pay a certain price in order to identify locked items. And the price that was needed to pay was no joke. Some locked items asked for priceless treasures. Some ask for divine blessings or other kinds of which. And some of them even asked for lives in order to be identified. Depending on who created the unidentified items or who locked them, they could be identified.

Thinking about it, although Vi felt rather regrettable seeing that he couldn't learn anything about his new item, Exiled Knight, he also felt at ease knowing as well that this item wasn't ordinary, just as he expected. He really was itching to go to the Magic Blacksmith so as to learn how to identify the item.

"Alright, I only have one item to check. Let's see what kind of item this is," Putting aside the Exiled Knight costume, Vi decided to see the last item he had. Taking a moment of pause, he then continued, "Shard of the Black Star."

[Shard Of The Black Star (×1)]

• Medal material.

"Oh? A medal material." Vi commented as he nodded his head with a slightly furrowed chin. To think that this thing was actually a medal material. He couldn't help nodding in satisfaction.

But black medal material? Was there such a thing in this game? Vi had his doubt sprouting in his heart, causing his face to form a slight frown. It was his first time seeing a black medal material after all.

"Sigh, forget it." Although it was a bit absurd that those things he had in his inventory had their names written in black, there was nothing else he could do other than to be curious. So, instead of thinking about these things, he decided to set them aside as he would certainly learn about them later on anyway.

Having cleared up his mind, Vi took a deep breath as he finally dismissed the system. Since he had his business all finished, he intended to deal with the other matters. The slimes around him couldn't be spared as he was determined to annihilate their very existence.


However, just as he shifted his attention around him, he was immediately caught by shock. He couldn't help but mutter to himself, "What the hell..."

Surprisingly enough, the number of slimes around him that were attacking him before suddenly increased at an astonishing rate. He didn't notice it a while ago since he was focused on his business, but right now, Vi was surrounded by almost a hundred slimes. They were like ants that were gathering in one place after discovering a certain food. Just what was going on here? Vi had his eyes widened for a moment before a frown took over his face. Just how could he let his guard down to the point that he failed to notice those slimes gathering around him?

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