11 Run

A thousandth of their strength? Were these slimes fooling around and trying to intimidate him? Or were they telling the truth? Vi's frown deepened hearing such words from the slimes before him. Doubt naturally filled his heart.

But seeing the current strength of the five slimes, that doubt soon turned into fear. He was starting to believe what the other party had just said.

Now that it had come to this, Vi didn't dare to shift his gaze away from the five slimes. He didn't even dare to blink, afraid that that moment of lost attention would cause his doom.

"So, shall we start the training again?!" The Bone Slime suddenly asked. The joy in his voice didn't recede a bit. On the contrary, it had gotten stronger, as if wanting to make Vi "stronger" as soon as possible.

Suddenly, all the five slimes unleashed a terrifying and suppressive aura. All of them had their grins so wide and cold that if anyone were to be in their presence, they would feel that death itself was smiling at them while holding their neck.

In the terrified eyes of Vi, he felt that these slimes appeared to be so big as he was very little. He felt that no matter what tricks he would come up with, with just his current strength, he would only be played to death over and over again.

Thinking about it, Vi had his face all pale and cold. He realized that in the face of absolute strength, every trickery and tactic would be meaningless.


At that moment, the only thing that entered his mind was to run away. He couldn't help obeying his very instinct. That said, he hurriedly turned around and started running away at his best.

Even when he tripped over, he crawled. Even when he was all weary, he forcefully used the last bit of his strength to try widening his distance away from those unkillable slimes. He couldn't care less about the first quest anymore. His mind was preoccupied with running away in terror.

If there was one thing he wanted in the world, that was to never meet those slimes ever again.


[You cannot leave the first tutorial ground. Condition not met.]

And that was when his head suddenly bumped into a seemingly invisible barrier followed by a familiar system notification. As he collided, Vi fell to the ground, his butt first. His forehead was all red due to the sheer impact, but he didn't mind the pain. He ground his teeth as he stared at the transparent barrier and the system notification blocking his sight.

"Damn it!!!!" Vi cursed so loudly as he clenched his fist on the ground before he got up and went towards the barrier. He struck it with his fists, then and again, trying to destroy it even with the thought of impossibility.


[You cannot leave the first tutorial ground. Condition not met.]


[You cannot leave the first tutorial ground. Condition not met.]


[You cannot leave the first tutorial ground. Condition not met.]

Every punch he made, the system notification would keep reminding him of the same message. But it was as though Vi hadn't seen the system notification as he kept hitting the barrier continuously.

And when he felt a familiar aura coming close from his behind, only then did he stop his assault. The incoming five sinister and suppressive auras from behind were getting stronger the closer they had gotten to him. Thus, he slowly turned around to make sure if he sensed it right, only to be struck by great fear again.

Because at a distance not too far away from him, Vi saw the five slimes coming in his direction. All of whom were wearing malignant grins, bringing more terror to his heart.

And that made Vi turn even paler. His body shivered uncontrollably, his heart was pounding so hard. Looking closely at him, he was in a pathetically wretched state that if you called him the MC, it would be too annoying.

"Why are you running away, my dear disciple? Don't be stubborn and let's have our training now." One of the five slimes spoke with a wide grin. But in Vi's ears and eyes, it appeared that all of them had spoken at the same time. All of whom were as though going to eat him with a smile.

And these words only gave more fear into Vi's heart. It caused a chill running down his spine as he followed his instinct again. That said, he anxiously turned around before he started his desperate escape.


[You cannot leave the first tutorial ground. Condition not met.]

Vi didn't mind the barrier, much less, the system notification. Out of desperation, and with extra great difficulty pushing himself forward, Vi managed to take a step forward inside the barrier. Still, the barrier kept repelling him back as though it was saying that what he was about to do was against the rules.

But Vi didn't mind it at all as he gnashed his teeth and forcefully entered through the barrier. He gathered all the mana of the world that he could gather and used it for his own cause.

Even when he felt electrifying pain all over his body due to the force preventing him from leaving the first tutorial ground, he still pushed through the barrier with sheer perseverance. Carrying hope and fear, the hope of leaving that damned area, and the fear of those five slimes, Vi managed to slowly overcome the shackles of the barrier.

[You cannot leave the first tutorial ground. Condition not met.]

Step by step, Vi walked through the thick barrier. Although his body was visibly all torn out, he didn't give up. Thanks to the help of the world's mana, he could at least barely protect his body somehow.

Even so, this didn't stop the electrifying pain from invading his body inside out. All his energy was slowly being consumed, leaving only fatigue all throughout. If before, what he wanted in the world was to escape from the slimes, right now, what he wanted was to rest.


Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!

And that was when Vi finally fell to the ground, front first. Heavy gasping came in and out of his mouth for a good while before his breath finally calmed down.

No movement could be seen from Vi. It even seemed like he fell unconscious since his HP almost hit zero. He looked as though a dead body that was thrown amidst the forest, waiting to be eaten by the wolves and other kinds of wild animals.

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