10 Respawned

[Kill Slimes: 5/10]

Vi stared at the system notification floating in front of him as a smile appeared on his lips. However, it appeared that the source of joy in his heart was not the system notification, as his attention was on something else.

"Hehehe," Shortly after, Vi started to laugh mildly. But thinking about what he had done, the mild laugh soon turned into a wild one. It was as though he was a madman who had massacred all the people in the world.

"I finally killed those damned slimes! I can finally leave this damned tutorial ground!" Vi's voice echoed in the surroundings. The delight in his tone of voice leveled up noticeably. How could he not if the five slimes that made him suffer in the past month had finally been slain by him? Thinking about it over again, his laughter only grew louder.

After several moments that seemed like an eternity, Vi's laughter finally receded. Shortly after, his gaze subconsciously fell on the system notification again. A slight smile remained on his lips.

[Kill Slimes: 5/10]


Now that he saw it again, Vi was rather taken aback. Only then did he notice that he was yet to finish the first quest.

Thinking about it now, the slight smile on his lips vanished instantly. Frown took place the smile, his eyebrows knitted. Vi had just recalled that he needed to kill 10 slimes in order to finish the first quest.

So now that he killed all the five slimes, how could he kill the other five slimes? He was more than certain that only those five slimes lived in the tutorial ground. So, how in the world would he be able to finish this quest if the slimes in the area were lacking in numbers in the first place? Was this a joke? Another kind of bug, perhaps?

No, there must be more to it than what the eye could see. The frown on Vi's face deepened significantly upon dawning with a sudden realization. Since he was focused on revenge towards the five slimes, and had suffered so much every now and then, he hadn't thought of this possibility in the past month.


"Could it be..." Just as Vi was about to be driven mad by the sudden occurrence, he recalled something about the game. Since he was talking about the monsters in-game, there was a high chance that, "Could it be that those monsters... Will be respawned?!"

With that kind of realization entering his mind, Vi suddenly turned exceedingly serious. His expression turned cold, his eyes became wary of his surroundings.

And it didn't even need a minute for him to feel five sinister presence not too far away behind him. All of which was more than enough to cause heavy suppression in the surroundings.

Now that he felt the sudden appearance of those five sinister presence, beads of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He didn't know why, or whose presence were those, but one thing that was for sure was that these presence came from something he could never deal with, with just his current strength alone.

However, although those suppressive presence were quite strange to him, at the same time, Vi felt that those presence seemed familiar. It was just that, these presence, and the suppression they caused, were just way too strong than the ones he knew about.

"Kekeke, my dear disciple, you did well killing us. It seemed like our effort at teaching you a lesson for the past month wasn't in vain. Thanks to that, you've freed us from our imprisonment."

A voice that was so deep soon then sounded. Vi wanted to see who was behind him but he couldn't turn around or even move an inch. His body was refusing to obey him as it was shivering for a familiar reason. What his body wanted at that moment was to run away quickly without turning back before it became too late.

Right! This feeling... Vi finally recalled it as his face went paler. This feeling he currently felt. He was so used to it and had always experienced it in the past month. He couldn't be wrong. Because he knew exactly that what he felt right now was...


"Damn it..." Vi gritted his teeth as he cursed inwardly. To think that after he thought that he had finally become stronger, he would feel helplessness again shortly after. This was way too pathetic. Vi couldn't help despising himself.

With that in his heart, Vi bit his lips. Blood flowed down from his mouth as he somewhat regained his composure. As soon as he regained control over his body, he tried his best to turn around. Only to feel fear again.

"I-i-im-possible..." Vi found his tongue stiffened, and his voice stuttered. The pupil in his eyes constricted, his heart palpitated so wild.

"Why are you so surprised, my dear disciple? Don't tell me, you really think that we would be dead after that warm-up earlier?" The voice he heard previously, sounded again. This voice came from the one who he was so familiar with. Who else could it be other than the Blood Slime?

"You all have really respawned? No, that is not the problem here... Why do I feel that the five of you have just become so much stronger than before?" Vi found it hard to believe what he had seen. For the other party to respawn was still within his expectations. But for them to become so much stronger? It really shocked him to death.

"Become stronger? Pfft... Puhahaha," The Blood Slime, followed by the other four slimes, couldn't help but laugh hearing their dear disciple. For a good while, they laughed without restraint. Then the Blood Slime spoke again, "We didn't become stronger, my dear disciple. We have just regained the shred of our former strength after you freed (killed) us a while ago."

"Regained the shred of your former strength? What are you talking about?" Vi frowned slightly as he asked.

"It is what you heard. We've regained a small fraction of our former strength. Meaning, what you fought until lately, was only the thousandth of our former strength. Thanks to you, my dear disciple, after you've killed us earlier with those useless bodies we were imprisoned, we've broken through the shackles of a seal and we've regained the 990th of our former strength. It won't be too long before we finally regain the strength we had back then." This time, the one who responded wasn't the Blood Slime but the Bone Slime beside him. The joy in his voice was noticeable and it only made his grin wider. Seeing his disciple again, there was an urge in him to hug him tight. Too bad, his soul was still sealed inside a lowly level 1 slime, or else, he might have done so already.

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