1 Prologue

"You... H-how can you wield high-level heavenly weapons and tame high-level heavenly pets when you are clearly a level 1 player..."

In a terrified and dying voice, an old man in his early 60s spoke. He was dyed in red as he gazed at the young boy standing coldly before him. He had his ass on the ground together with his two hands as though trying to crawl back in sheer fear. If he only had enough strength, then he might have disappeared from that place long ago and tried to distance himself away from that young boy as far as possible. He couldn't help but regret things.

However, he had already kicked the buckets. He had already incurred the wrath of this kid. Their entire guild did. As the guild master of the Tyrannical Overlords and the one who dragged their guild into this mess, he couldn't help but curse in his heart. They shouldn't have offended this person!

So, with the same terrified tone of voice, the old man continued, "Moreover, you also possess high-level heavenly hairs, high-level heavenly bodies, and high-level heavenly elements. Just who on earth are you?! How can a mere level 1 player possess so many heavenly treasures and level them up to this extent with you being at the lowest level? This is just impossible! You must be one of the game developers or someone related to them. You must be using some kind of cheat!"


However, in the face of the desperate old man, the young boy remained nonchalant and cold. He gazed at the old man silently and it took a good while for him to reply.

"Heavenly treasures? Cheats? How amusing. You even accused a kid like me of being related to the game developers." The young boy responded expressionlessly. His short and pure black hair fluttered with the wind and his pure black eyes flashed with a cold glint. After a moment of pause, he went on, "If you think cheats are possible in this game, why don't you try so?"

Looking at the young boy who appeared to be in his mid-teens, he only wore a T-shirt, shorts, and slippers. From head to toe, nothing was special about his items and equipment. But as ordinary as he appeared, the young boy gave off the airs of a sovereign, the likes of which that was a bit too overwhelming for the other party.

"You..." And the old man ended up failing to find a word to retort. He could only grit his teeth tightly and clench his hands on the ground.

He naturally knew well that that game was so mysterious that any cheats failed to work on it. Even the greatest hackers in the world were perplexed and ended up in awe when they tried to tamper with the game.

In the end, this game was recognized by all the people in the world as the most secure and safe to play.

But... With the things happening before his eyes, the old man just found it hard to believe it. After all, how could a level 1 player exist in the world bringing those high-level heavenly treasures with him? Just how could he even level those heavenly treasures up? Furthermore, with his current level, he should not have been able to wield those treasures to begin with. It really didn't make sense at all! Even if this kid was extremely rich, a certain level was still needed to wield such high-level heavenly treasures.

But this kid... Just what tricks did he do to achieve such a feat?!

"If you have any more tricks under your sleeve, hurry up and use them. If there is none, then hurry up and speak your last words." The young boy suddenly spoke again. His face remained expressionless. It was evident that he didn't care about the nonsense of the old man.

"Brat, don't go too far. If you let me go now, I might still forgive you for your impertinence," the old man retorted. Of course, he wasn't afraid to die. After all, he could just log in again later if he had ever been killed by the other party.

However, there were just too many important items in his inventory. If he happened to be killed by this brat, then most of those items would be dropped after his death. That was what he feared! He couldn't afford to lose so many priceless treasures.

"Are those your last words?" The young boy asked coldly. It was obvious that he didn't care about the feelings of the old man as well.

"Brat, I'm warnin..."


Before the old man could finish his words, something like an invisible string came at him, directly going through his neck. The world before him then suddenly rotated wildly for a few seconds before it finally came to a halt. And the first thing he saw was someone with a head gone missing, dropping to the ground with a heavy thud. It didn't take a second for him to realize what had just happened.

As he thought, his head left his neck and was thrown a distance away, rolling and rolling and rolling.

The old man was furious. His heart was filled with hatred and resentment. He wanted to turn his head and glare at the brat who killed him to curse him loudly, but his condition didn't allow him. He could only watch his body slowly turning into ashes before his sight went blurry and then turned into complete darkness.

In the end, he still died. His items... The old man could only curse and cry in his heart.

Meanwhile, seeing that he had finally killed all the members of the Tyrannical Overlords, only then did the young boy heave a sigh of relief as a rare smile surfaced on his lips. After which, he raised his hand in front of his chest and stared at his palm for some time.

Clenching his hand into a fist, the young boy suddenly muttered, his smile filled with contempt, "Heavenly treasures, huh? Laughable. These are my own abilities. How can a mere heavenly treasure be compared to the abilities I obtained through pain and suffering? You must be kidding me."

"Well, I cannot blame him. After all, my abilities are just too overpowered." The young boy spoke as he shook his head with a faint smile.

Although he was really a level 1 player and couldn't level up for some reason, it didn't stop him from becoming stronger. With sheer effort in the tutorial ground, he obtained abilities that became his turning point. As such, although he couldn't level himself up, he could level up other things like crazy.

Couldn't use pets, tame monsters, or summon spiritual beings? No problem, he could use his own blood to create summons and then make them level to gain further strength.

Couldn't wield weapons made by metals and renowned blacksmiths? No problem. He could make his own bones to make weapons and then make them level to gain further strength.

Couldn't use elemental powers? No problem, he could use his own shadow to cast magic and make it level to gain further strength.

Couldn't execute enough physical power with his level 1 body? No problem, his body could transform and bring out unparalleled brute strength. He could also level up his body transformations to gain even greater strength.

Couldn't use illusions and other mental attacks? No problem. He could do all of it with his hair and make it level to gain an even more terrifying ability.

And thus, he attained strength far greater than most players despite being a level 1 player. His name became renowned. It spread throughout the land far and wide. His name was feared by his enemies and became a kind of buff for his friends. His name was Vi Liam Roo, the one who would become the strongest in this world in the most eccentric way.

However, before this, before he acquired great strengths, just like any other MCs, this young boy also suffered a cliched life. He knew well what weakness and helplessness felt like.

Because that was the genre of his story: #weak-to-strong.

That being said, let's start his story at the time before he became capable enough to take down an entire guild on his own. It was the time when he started playing the game played by almost everyone in the world, the Game Tower!

So, see you soon in the next chapter!

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