18 Nethaia

"How's your playtime, my son?" Mea asked with a smile as she stared at Vi warmly.

Hearing his mother's question, Vi suddenly smirked. He stared at his mother with a meaningful gaze as it was evident that he wanted to brag something.

Ding! Dong!

But when Vi was about to open his mouth and go brag things to his mother, the doorbell in their house suddenly sounded.

It caught Mea's attention as she stood up right away and then said softly, "It seems like your sister has returned."

Mea didn't wait for Vi's response as she walked away the next instant to go see her daughter. There were just certain things she wanted to confirm.

"Big sister is here?" Vi, who took a good while to respond, asked as he watched the back of his mother leaving his room. Shortly after, his eyes lit up as he got off the game capsule and walked hurriedly to follow his mother.

And it didn't take long for him to leave his room. His mother was already there to open the main door as he intended to follow behind and see his elder sister closer. The smile on his face was just way too wide as he wanted to hug her tight so badly.

But when Vi recalled the situation his elder sister was in, he suddenly halted his steps as he remained rooted near the door of his room. The smile on his lips disappeared and sadness loomed in his eyes, subconsciously averting his gaze at the floor.

After a moment, Mea finally opened the door. Before she could even speak, the one behind the door rushed forward and grabbed Mea into her embrace.

"Mom!" Just like what they had expected, it was Nethaia who had just come. But contrary to what Vi had expected, she was all lively as though she was a child who had just met her mother after years of not meeting each other.

Vi immediately smiled and his eyes brightened upon hearing the joyous tone of Nethaia's voice. He quickly shifted his gaze at her to see her condition.

Nethaia was a lady in her 20th years. She was a simple girl and didn't want to wear revealing clothes, especially when there were a lot of people around.

But despite wearing a sweater and jagger, they couldn't completely hide the voluptuous body she hid behind those thick clothing. Full of curves in the right places, soft and pale skin that even insects would shy away upon touch. Her legs were slenderly graceful and the same went for her arms and fingers. If anyone were to look at her, only spending a glance would be a huge regret in their life.

Not to mention, there were also her facial features that were hard to come by in years to come. Despite being natural, her lips were unusually reddish. She had a nose pointed perfectly, a soft and delicate white chin resting on her mother's shoulder. Embracing her mother tightly, she had her eyes closed and lips smiling so sweetly.

A red bandana was also tied to her head, preventing her blonde hair from hiding the beauty of her eyes. So, when her eyes finally opened slowly, the luminosity was found deep within.

It was gold. The color of her eyes was golden as though a bright sun was shining from the inside. With just a glance, anyone might fall into a trance as they would be stunned at their beauty.

But why was it that instead of happiness, what Vi felt at the moment their eyes met, was sadness? His heart tightened, tears were threatening to fall at any moment. The smile on his lips vanished again, as his urge to go and embrace his elder sister disappeared for good. He could only keep a grave expression as he knew exactly what he felt right now.

It was grief.

Vi knew full well that it was grief that made his heart ache at that moment. He had known his elder sister for a long time already. And he could tell that although she had this wide smile on her lips, her eyes couldn't lie. He knew that something bad had happened to his elder sister. There was a high chance that the news he heard from the six men in the game recently was all true.

"Oh? Why the long face my little brother? Aren't you happy seeing me?" Nethaia released her mother from her embrace as she went to come closer to Vi. She wore a smile and tried to appear strong at her best.

On the other hand, Mea, who was still yet to speak, only followed her gaze at Nethaia with a slight smile on her lips. She also looked at Vi with the same smile while she closed the door slowly.

"..." Seeing his elder sister walking in his direction, Vi was silent for a moment before he replied, "Someday, I will come and get you back."

Vi hated to beat around the bush as he went directly to what he wanted to say. His gaze was unusually sharp, his voice carried a tone of determination.

Nethaia was taken aback as she halted her steps upon hearing Vi. Her heart tightened as though someone was crushing it with their hand. Without needing to think about it, she could already tell what her little brother was saying. She could only bite her lower lip secretly as tears threatened to fall from the very edge of her eyes.

Even so, Nethaia tried her best to smile again so as to act like she felt nothing. She also chuckled softly and then replied, "Speaking like grown-ups, huh? What are you even talking about?"

"Stop fooling around. What's the content of your contract with the Tyrannical Overlords?" Vi responded impassively as though the other party couldn't hide anything from him.

If Vi was hurt, he would never plant resentment in his heart. He could keep a smile and act like nothing had happened.

But if his family was the one who was being hurt instead, he would always act this cold. No matter who it was, if they hurt his family, or made trouble with them, forgiveness could only be a mere talk.

As such, even if it was the entire Tyrannical Overlords guild, since they made trouble for his elder sister, he was determined to make them pay as he would never forgive them unless they begged for mercy.

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