7 Killing The Slimes Is Actually This Easy

Vi right now was in a state of daze. His eyes were still widened in shock before he stopped moving. Beads of sweat had long been formed on his forehead and his expression had become slightly paler.

Right now, he was trapped in an illusion. And he was experiencing something he was so used to. As such, despite being trapped by it, he wasn't too worried at all, especially now that he had found a way to break it with ease. Grasping the world's mana was really astonishing. To think that he would learn a lot of its uses for his convenience.

"No one will touch him. If you make any move against him, I will kill you." The Hair Slime warned in her cold voice. Naturally, her words were directed to the other three slimes that were still around.

"..." Silence engulfed the three other slimes. No one dared to speak, as they were afraid to face this troublesome woman.


However, to their shock, something they didn't dare think about happened right before their eyes. And it only furthered their silence as they couldn't find a word to say in response. In the end, they forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva and gave up giving a remark.

"You've broken through my illusion that easily?" The Hair Slime spoke in a dying voice. Shock could still be seen in her widened eyes. But thinking about it now, a smile suddenly appeared on her lips as she continued, "As expected of my chosen disciple, you really are a rare genius."

Just after she said those words, blood spurted out from her. It appeared like a long, deep, and deadly cut was left on her body. Blood also spurted out from this wound. After which, her body slowly turned into ashes and became one with the ground.

As for Vi, he appeared to be standing behind the Hair Slime. It seemed like he dashed past her when he gave his finishing blow after he broke free from her illusion. Although it was a kind of a sneak attack, and the other party had let her guard down, from the looks of it, Vi was successful in killing the Hair Slime. And right now, all that mattered to him was the result, no matter how he stooped so low and resorted to such a cunning move.

[Kill Slimes: 2/10]

Vi smiled seeing the hologram screen projection floating in front of him. Now that he thought about it, killing these slimes was actually this easy. To think that he suffered so much in the past month from these slimes where he could actually slaughter them this easily if he'd grasped and learned to use the mana of the world.

But thinking about it again, he wouldn't be able to grasp the very essence of the world's mana if not for the fact that he fought these monsters for over a month. Now that he thought about it, perhaps he should be thankful to them.



Vi shook away all the seeds of gratitude sprouting in his heart. Thinking about all the sufferings he experienced from these monsters, there was no way that he would be thankful to them. If there was someone he needed to thank, that was himself who endured those sufferings. As for these slimes, he must make them pay!

"Won't the three of you come out of your burrow? Hurry up and show yourself and die by my hand!" Vi grinned widely as he exclaimed. If before, he spoke with confidence, his words right now were imbued with arrogance. Killing two of the five slimes had really enhanced his pride.

"Ohohoho, it seems like my dear disciple is getting ahead of himself. I might as well teach you a lesson." Finally, one of the other three slimes spoke. It was the slime living beneath the pond that Vi had called Blood Slime.

Suddenly, the calm pond became agitated as it rippled from the center. The water suddenly became bloody red and from the center of the pond, the water rose above.

The bloody red water then floated and gathered in the midair above the pond. It absorbed all the water until nothing was left but a deep hole. As a result, the bloody red water in the midair formed a huge and spherical shape as it reeked with the smell of blood.

"Blood Slime, you've finally shown your lowly self," Vi spoke coldly. He wielded the wooden stick with his right hand and then raised it against the Blood Slime. His hair fluttered with the wind, his eyes flashed with a cold glint.

"Kekeke, you're getting more and more like us. What a proud disciple you are," The Blood Slime responded as he finally opened his eyes. His sinister voice was filled with bloodlust as he opened his mouth and let out a wide grin. Now that his disciple was acting proud instead of being cowardly, his heart was filled with delight. He also wasn't disheartened at all, seeing that his disciple was intending to kill him.

"Hmph! Bring it on!" Vi responded coldly. Since this bastard had finally left his burrow, he was itching to cut him into countless pieces as well.

Rumble! Rumble!

However, when Vi was about to rush and deliver his attack, the ground suddenly shook violently. The earth started to crack as something beneath was trying to come out.

"I can't wait and remain watching anymore. Let me join in the fun," A voice of a woman then sounded. Her voice was suppressive, it was filled with strength. Shortly after that, a thing that was in the form of slime came out from the underground. Her brownish body was huge as well, but unlike the usual slimes, she had a sturdy body filled with muscles. She gave off an air that made everyone bow their heads down.

"Body Slime... So, you've finally lost your patience, huh." Vi spoke in a serious tone, seeing that another slime had appeared.

"Kekeke, naturally, I won't let myself be left out." After the Body Slime appeared, another voice sounded. It was a voice so deep coming from the thick shadows. Right after he spoke, darkness where the moonlight couldn't pierce through, gathered in one place. It also formed a huge spherical shape before it turned into something like a slime.

Just with a glance alone, Vi could already recognize this shadow. And in fact, he didn't even need to look at it to tell that it was the Shadow Slime.

All the three other slimes finally appeared. All three of them had wide grins surfacing on their faces. All of whom were itching to fight their dear disciple so as to test his newfound strength.

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