9 Goodbye

"Kekeke, look at here, my dear disciple has really grown up to this extent, huh." The Blood Slime suddenly spoke with a wide grin. If he only had hands, he might be clapping in praise right now. So, after a moment of pause, he went on, "I must admit that you've gotten really strong. But if you want to defeat me, don't you think you need to make more effort than that? I am not so easy to deal with compared to those muscle-headed fools, you know?"

"..." Vi didn't reply immediately as he only stared at the other party calmly. But after a moment, he sighed so deep as though he overestimated the other party. And then he continued, "There's no need to go so far as to put more effort just to deal with you. After all, I think you are doing just the same."

"Hah, it seems like you've gotten really cocky, my dear disciple. Let me teach you another lesson." The Blood Slime had gotten serious seeing that his dear disciple was looking down on him. From the looks of it, this disciple he dear had gotten so much ahead of himself after becoming a little stronger. If he didn't teach him a lesson now to lower his pride, then certainly, it would only be a matter of time before he fell because of his pride and arrogance.

That being the case, the Blood Slime was determined to teach this dear disciple a lesson. At least he would make him suffer for the next few hours before he killed him again.

"Blood Warriors, come out." The Blood Slime then suddenly spoke. Shortly after that, multiple beads of blood shot out from his body. About twenty of them. These beads of blood all floated in the midair and surrounded him as though they were some kind of bubbles.

Surprisingly, just after another moment, movements could be seen from those beads of blood. From the looks of it, they were trying to change form as they were getting larger in size. It was as though a creature was sealed inside each of those beads and was trying to break free.

After a few seconds, the beads of blood finally changed form. Just as Vi had expected, these beads of blood, the so-called Blood Warriors, had a human shape. They had no unique physical appearance and it could be said that they were similar to those of a stick man having without a face. They were blood-red in color since they were made of blood.

Vi's expression was still the same though. It was cold and nonchalant. He didn't flinch at all, seeing again those things that made him suffer in the past. In fact, what he felt right now wasn't unease, but readiness to execute those Blood Warriors.

"Go!" With a wide grin, the Blood Slime then finally spoke as he ordered all the Blood Warriors surrounding him. His voice carried high authority as though his words were the very law themselves.

But to his shock, what usually would happen, didn't happen this time. The Blood Warriors who he commanded didn't move an inch at all. They remained suspended in the midair as though they didn't hear anything.

"Don't tell me..." The Blood Slime's voice was rather filled with agitation when he spoke. His eyes widened in shock as he swept his gaze at his Blood Warriors surrounding him. Upon learning what had just happened, he shifted his gaze at Vi, who was at a distance away.

Right now, Vi was walking unhurriedly in his direction. The other party's eyes had no reaction, the aura he exuded was absolutely cold.

Surprisingly, the Vi who he saw right now was as if a completely different person compared to the Vi he knew. This person before him was carrying the airs of the king, capable of dominating anyone.

"Kekeke, as expected of my dear disciple, you truly are capable of wielding our power. To think that you will be able to use the ability of that troublesome woman (the Hair Slime)." The Blood Slime remarked. A trace of delight was carried by his voice.

"..." Vi didn't reply immediately as he continued to walk towards the Blood Slime. His gaze was fixated on the other party, ignoring all the Blood Warriors that were suspended in the midair, unmoving.

Putting aside the Hair Slime's ability, Vi learned that he could also use the abilities of the other three slimes he had just killed. No, he felt that it was more likely that he absorbed their abilities after he killed those slimes.

But then again, since there was no system notification, Vi was uncertain if he really had absorbed their abilities. All he could see right now was that he could use these abilities at will. Thinking about it, he had obtained something so great that he could deem it a priceless treasure. He knew full well how terrifying the abilities of those four slimes were. Now that he could use these abilities, only excitement was filling his heart.

As such, as Vi got closer to the Blood Slime, a slight smile appeared on his lips. Only he knew how hard he was holding back his feelings after obtaining four different and terrifying abilities. If the Blood Slime wasn't around, he would be jumping for joy right now.

But knowing well how dangerous this thing was, he didn't dare let his guard down and underestimate the other party. Instead, what he felt right now was an urge to annihilate this slime with everything he had.

With that in mind, the slight smile on Vi's lips suddenly disappeared. It was then again replaced by coldness. Shortly after, he halted his steps a few meters away from the Blood Slime. His gaze didn't leave the other party.

"You've made me suffer for more than a month." Vi suddenly spoke coldly. His voice was filled with anger and resentment as he continued, "But I must admit that it is thanks to the five of you that I have become what I am right now. This power you bestowed on me, I promise that I will use it well. So, hurry up and die! Give me your powers as well!" 

Right after he said those words, Vi raised his hand forward. Surprisingly enough, it gave off a feeling that his hand was as though extremely huge, patting the head of the other party.

The Blood Slime, on the other hand, broke into cold sweats seeing how terrifying his disciple was. Now that he looked at him, the other party appeared so huge in his eyes. He felt like an ant standing before the storm. For the first time in a long time, only then did he feel terror in his heart again.

But instead of running away or flinching, the Blood Slime smiled. He didn't retaliate anymore and just waited for the other party to kill him.

"Goodbye," Vi wasn't merciful either. He didn't give the Blood Slime another second to live as he finally made a move. That said, a ball of shadow shot out from his palm and went straight to the Blood Slime. It pierced the Blood Slime for good and made a hole in his body.

With just one shot, Vi's attack annihilated the Blood Slime's HP. He then slowly turned into ashes and became one with the ground.

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