14 A Piece Of Information

[Blessing Of The Great One]

• +100 free stat points.

• You can now freely use the world's mana in a wider range. Range: +10 meters radius.


"What the hell... This is... Insane!" Plus 100 free stat points? Plus 10 meter radius to control the world's mana? That was surely insane! Vi couldn't control his excitement as his smile had gotten wider. His hands even shook more violently. How could he not if the things he had received would definitely make everyone go crazy?

One must know that stat points could usually be obtained through leveling. In rare cases, they could obtain them through achievements or rewards from quests or from some rare skills (passive or active).

In any case, in every level up, players could gain +1 all stat points (with 6 different stats) and +3 free stat points, a stat point that could be distributed freely. That said, with the 100 free stat points that Vi had obtained from the Blessing Of The Great One, it was the same as earning about 12 levels! It was something that every player would go die for just by hearing about the news.

On top of that, Vi also gained +10 meter radius to control the world's mana. That was surely insane! Not to mention other players who couldn't even control the world's mana at all, it had to be known that Vi himself could only use the world's mana in the 3 meter radius. That said, the power he could possess through the help of the world's mana was only limited.

But with the additional ten meter radius that Vi had obtained, he could finally break his current limitation and possess greater strength. It was something too good to be real. He had to admit that that Great One who gave him such a gift was extremely generous.

But now that he thought about it, Vi had suddenly turned serious. Just who on earth was that Great One? And what did he do to receive such treatment from him? Now that it came to this, he couldn't help but be suspicious. Something as good as this couldn't be free, right? There must be a price he needed to pay for him to receive such benefits.

"Tsk! Who cares about it? It's not like I can refuse this generous gift now that I have received it." Vi came to a conclusion as he accepted the gift with all his heart. Of course, he was still suspicious, but it was not like he could do anything about it other than to worry, right? So, instead of hurting his mind and going to overthink things, he might as well focus on the good things and leave all the worries for later. Now that his life was miserable, a turning point such as this couldn't be wasted. He couldn't be picky with the current status he had.

And also, with this generous gift, even if the price was to sell his soul to the devil, Vi was determined to pay it. His elder sister was in distress, his father had left home long ago for work and was in search of his prodigal big brother who had left home to pursue strength. He couldn't just sit idly while those who were around him were in a difficult situation, right?

With that in mind, Vi finally got a clearer view of his vision and of what path he should take. His resolve now became firm, his pure black eyes were gleaming with determination.


"Did you hear? The Tyrannical Overlords guild completed the dragon quest last night. On the other hand, the White Night guild couldn't even finish the quest. With that, the Tyrannical Overlords won the bet."

Just as Vi was about to look for the other things he had received from the Great One's Gift Box, he heard an arrogant voice of a man nearby. What he had said caught his attention as he immediately frowned and looked in his right direction where the voice had come from.

But now that Vi had his attention on his surroundings, he just noticed that dawn was about to come. It seemed like he spent a lot of time resting after he exited the game tutorial.

But Vi couldn't care less about it. Knowing the significance of the matter, he ran behind a certain tree stealthily as he tried to come closer to the source of that voice. And there, he saw a group of six men walking on a pathway amidst the woods.

Vi had his body one with the shadows as his eyes flashed with a cold glint. He could tell right away that these people were good-for-nothing bastards who only knew how to cause trouble. Even so, he tried to listen to their conversation to try to find a piece of information.

"I heard it too. They also said that the bet was a member transfer. If the White Night is defeated, they will transfer their vice-guild master, Nethaia Roo, to the Tyrannical Overlords."

"Pity to them, the Tyrannical Overlords is just too strong. The White Night guild suffered a big loss this time."

"Ha! It serves them right. Who told them to be so arrogant and fight the Tyrannical Overlords?! If they just surrendered their vice-guild master to the Tyrannical Overlords, then they wouldn't suffer this badly and be on good terms with them instead. But since they choose to put in a fight, not only are they defeated, but they will also be the enemy of the Tyrannical Overlords! This is their punishment. A small guild like them should suffer the consequences of their own arrogant action!"

"Speaking of which, the vice-guild master of the Tyrannical Overlords, Ji Dan Lustre, was really vigorous at his young age. I bet he is going to fuck that bitch of the White Night all day long. I heard that he was so interested in her that he kept insisting his father bully the small White Night guild and force them to bet their vice-guild master. So, now that they won the bet, I am sure that Ji Dan Lustre is now having fun with that bitch."

"Hahaha, that's true. I also heard that he loves to play with a lot of women in-game or even in the real world. Since the member transfer is applicable to both the real world and in-game, I'm sure he is playing with her right now hahaha."

"Kwahahaha, serve her right!"

When Vi heard their conversation, his body shuddered uncontrollably. A trace of anger flashed in his cold eyes as he clenched his teeth and fists. How dare these people talk this badly to his elder sister?! Unforgivable!

With that in mind, Vi came out from the shadows behind the tree as he walked toward the pathway. Since the group of six men had just walked past, he stood just behind them without them noticing.


Vi then called out, his voice carried absolute coldness. It was as though someone with absolute strength had appeared out of nowhere.

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