44 Let me in please!

---Chapter 42: Let me in please!---


I walked through the forest while humming some songs from my previous life to keep myself away from boredom.

Currently, I was a few kilometers away from Balroc city, though I could still see it in the distance if I concentrated enough. The place I chose to build my new house was at least 20 km away from the city, which was at least 4 hours of travel by walking and 2 hours by running. So approximately I still needed 1 hour to arrive.

The place I chose is in the middle of some plains, so I can see clearly any enemy or danger easily. I also noticed that there were a few caves around that I could use to mine resources and maybe find more Life crystals.

Also, It was far and near enough from the city. Far enough so that they don't send more assassins to kill me, and near enough so I can arrive pretty quick if the situation needs me to.

So it was the perfect spot for building my new house.


The sound of a branch breaking sounded a few meters away from me.

A wild animal?

Or is it maybe an assassin trying to know my new location? You have to be dumb to make so much noise when trying to me stealthy...

"Neo..." I said while using my finch staff to summon my little friend.


"I need you to go over there and check if anyone is following me..."

*Chirp!* Neo nodded and flew quickly in that direction.

I stood there while waiting for Neo to come back. However, soon some screams and yells started coming from the direction Neo went.

"Let's see who is the dumbass..."

"Ouch! What the hell is wrong with this pigeon!"


"Ouch, ouch! Cut it out!"



What the hell is this woman doing here...?

Neo was currently pecking angrily the head of the strange blond woman that kept stalking me for my blood, probably because she called him a pigeon.

Hmm... Now that I think about it... What kind of bird is Neo?

"What are you doing here?"

"Hu-huh?" She quickly turned her head towards me with an incredulous expression on her face.

Neo that realized I was there, stopped pecking her head and flew directly towards me before sitting on my shoulder.

Jeez this woman was really a stalker... What was her name again?


[Race: Human+]

[Name: Claire Lumous]

[HP: 250/250]


Oh right...

"W-well, you told me that you were gonna give me some more blood samples for my research, but then I noticed you were lying to me!"

How the heck did she notice?! Is she maybe one of those characters that can deduct many things just from the expression of a person?!

Hmm... Now that I remember... I left the door of my house open... She probably saw that there was no furniture inside this time.


"I'm not gonna give you my blood, geez. Couldn't you notice the unwillingness on my face every time you asked for blood?"


"No buts girl, just go back, I'm not going to give you my blood. Bye bye" I turned back and walked away from the place. Leaving her dumbfounded.

*Chirp Chip!* Neo just turned his head away in contempt and said his goodbyes.

Sorry girl, I'm not into crazy chicks.





1 Hour later

I reached the new place.

It actually looked pretty beautiful. The flowers and little animals hopping around made this place really peaceful and soothing.

"Haaah~" I exhaled with closed eyes while enjoying the peaceful feeling this place gave me.

Nature is really beautiful.

*Chik* The ground sightly shook after I took my pickaxe out and placed it on the floor.


"Time to ruin this beautiful place and make it my new home!"





5 hours later


"Huff... Huff..."

"What the heck...? It was certainly not this hard to make a house in terraria..."

I was currently resting on a nearby tree while glancing at my new home from the distance.

Certainly, terraria was a 2D game. Which meant I just needed to create a simple box with walls in the background, for it to be considered a proper house.

But in reality? Reality was 3D, which meant that building actually took a lot more work, I needed to think of the distribution of the rooms, which materials to use, where to put the exit, distribution of furniture, where to put windows, where to put a bathroom, and how to make a roof.

Truly something a lot more difficult than building this:

"Sigh... Alright, let's move all my furniture inside"


"Oh Neo, you came back. So... did that woman decide to go back?"

*Chirp!* Neo shook his head.

"I guess I will place secure on the doors then..."

"Hey!" A voice came from inside the forest some meters away from this place.

Oh shit, she is fast!

"Come Neo, enter the house quickly!"



I quickly closed the door and placed the secure. That way she won't be able to enter here and will end up getting bored with waiting for me to open the door.

I opened my inventory and selected the furniture for my new house.

*Knock, knock, knock*

"Alright, now... Where should I place the sofa...?"

*Knock, knock, knock*


"Yeah you're right... I should probably see first where to put the bed, after all I really want to take a nap right now"

*Knock, knock, knock!!*





1 Hour later...

*Knock, knock, knock!!*

Hmm? What time is it?


That was a good nap. Finally, I can sleep without problems...

*Knock, knock, knock!!*.

"Hey! Let me in, please, the night is coming!!" The voice of that annoying woman sounded from outside my house.

"What time is it?" I thought before glancing at the clock on my wall.


Ugh... Night is indeed coming...

Why is this bitch still here?! Didn't I said that I won't give her my blood?!

"Hey! Please let me in, I swear I won't ask for more blood. But let me in please..."

Jeez, whatever...

I'm not into hearing a woman screaming in desperation while being devoured by hundreds of zombies in the middle of the night... This place might end up being cursed by her vengeful spirit.

Ugh... I can already imagine it...

(Why didn't you give me your bloooooood~) (Whyyyyyyy~) (Blooooooooood~)

Urgh!... That could mean I wouldn't be able to get my peaceful nights! Nope, I won't allow such a thing to disturb my sleeping time.

So I guess I will help her a little...


The moment I opened the door, I saw the worried face of the woman.

"Thank god you opened! Will you allow me to pass the night here?" She said while looking at me with pleading eyes

Hmm... Me being with a beauty in the same house for one night? Such a tempting offer...


"I refuse"


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