48 I don’t need it… right?

---Chapter 45: I don't need it… right?---


"Now, if you look over there you will see the most famous bread shop of this city. However, personally I think all their bread have the same taste, but maybe you will find some difference between them"

"I see..."

Currently, Alyem was showing me around the city of Fedolas. And I must say, this city was certainly a bit more advanced technologically than Balroc city.

Obviously, not as advanced as my old world, but still advanced in its own way.

They had elevators that worked with nature control magic, one just had to ask the mage responsible for the elevator, and boalá. This was certainly something pretty simple, but it still brought me nostalgia.

They also had their incredible carriages that didn't need horses to work, they were like cars, but slower.

By using mana, they somehow managed to power up small batteries in the carriages that allowed you to move it at will as long as you knew how to control some of the mana outside your body.

However, in this kingdom that knowledge was taught to all kids since a young age, so basically anyone could control the carriages easily.

There were a lot of other inventions that resembled some from my previous life. However, unfortunately there weren't computers...

So it seemed that I couldn't be able to spend the rest of my days leisurely looking at a screen like I was doing on my past life...


"Is something the matter, Sir Aspen?"

"No, don't worry"

If you asked me how to describe this city... then I could say "Ecologically technological". And although they were not as advanced as my previous world, they were certainly doing better in the ecological thing. Probably because they were elves, or because of magic...

Maybe both...

Anyways, this was a pretty good place. But of course this 'tour' was not provided for free.

When I was about to enter the city, Alyem stopped me and asked me a favor in exchange for showing me this city. As it seemed that he had a certain problem bothering him since a few months ago.

Since I fought him two months ago, he said that he started feeling that he needed a stronger opponent in order to improve his combat abilities. However, all the strong elves were too busy to spar with him, and just the weak guards were left for him to fight against.

So he asked me if I could be his opponent in spars, at least until I decided to leave.

It was certainly not a bad deal, However, I was more of staying home sleeping comfortably on my bed, than fighting other people. Something that seemed to differ with the elves, as almost everyone I have met seemed to be battle junkies...

Where are the peace-loving elves?

Anyways, as I had nothing else to do in my vacations I ended up accepting. After all it was just a small spar, I could then spend my day in any way I wanted.

And holy molly it was worth it.

After two days in the Elf Kingdom, Alyem decided to take me to the great library. At first, I didn't think much about it. After all I thought there could only be boring history of the Elf Kingdom.

However... As soon as I opened one of the books I became dumbstruck after seeing its title.

[Electric release magic: How to perform it and how to control it]


The library was full of magic tomes!

How to bend metal, how to perform a summoning, how to manifest mana... and many others!

It was such a heavenly place... The human kingdom barely had a few of these magic tomes. Just the most basic ones at that!

So after visiting once, I kept doing it for a while. Learning every and each kind of magic there was on the library. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take the magic tomes with me. And neither could I practice my magic inside the library. So the process of learning every magic was a a bit tedious.

And so went the days, until now.

"So, what do you think Sir Aspen? Does it taste different from the other bread?"

"Hmm... it's a bit more salty..."

The baker was a bit incredulous after hearing my opinion, but who cares, not like I'm an expert in bread.

"Haha... you're such a joker Sir Aspen"

Who is joking here?

"Alright, what if we go towards our next destination? The Royal Museum of the Elf Kingdom!"


Sigh... Let's just hope this is not as boring as I remember them to be...

Who knows, maybe knowing a bit from a different race may actually be interesting.

"Alright, let's go" I said while prompting Alyem to guide me.





A few minutes later...


"And this, Sir Aspen, is one of the most important paintings of the famous artist, Leonardo Elfinci..." Alyem said while showing me a certain picture in the main hall of the museum.

Why does that name sound familiar?

"...The Elfa lisa!"

Hmm... Where have I seen this painting before...?

Anyways, not that it matters.

"What do you think Sir Aspen? Does it impress you?"

"I don't really understand art, sorry" I said while smiling wryly

"Yeah me neither, hehehehe..." Alyem scratched the back of his head while chuckling.

"Is that everything in this museum?" I asked.

I was certainly a bit bored, as most things here were paintings and statues that did not pick my interest at all.

"Oh no, there's still one more thing!"

"Is it another statue? Cause if it is I think we can skip it..."

"Oh no, in fact this object It's by my perspective, the most interesting thing in this museum. Let me show you" Alyem said while gesturing me to follow him.

Hmm...? He certainly wasn't that excited about the other things in the museum, what could this object be...?

"Over here Sir Aspen!"

As I arrived, a certain cage of reinforced glass stood above a marble pillar with gold engravings in the center of it.

The whole setting of the place seemed to say "There's an important object here".

"What is inside that cage, Alyem?"

"Hehehe... It's a treasure left by the great elf warrior "Hermes" After the great war against the devil Cthulhu. Don't approach the cage too much because it has protective enchantments."

I turned to look at the cage, as it was a bit blurry due to the thickness of the glass, it was kinda hard to see what was inside. However, after a few seconds I finally managed to see inside it.



[Quick] Hermes Boots


-Can be worn in vanity slots


The wearer can run superfast

(+4% Movement speed)



An accessory... huh....

"You must be wondering why is such an important object inside a museum instead of a safe vault, right?"

"Huh...? I mean, yeah"

"Well, it's because no one could steal it anyways, as the souls of every living being that wears it could be crushed under the overwhelming power of these boots instantly. However, it is said that one day a legendary elf capable of wearing these boots will appear"

"Huh... I see..."

I glanced at my skills.



[The player]:

-Gives you the ability to craft a great variety of things.

-Gives you the ability to defy gravity when building with certain blocks.

-Gives you...


-Gives your soul the strength to resist the power 6 Legendary accessories (The demon heart strengthens your soul and makes it able to handle 7 Legendary accessories)




Huh... So these guys can't even handle 1 accessory, yet I'm able to use 6 of them?


"Pretty impressive right?" Alyem asks while smiling at my dumbfounded face.


No good, the greed is overtaking my mind...

No, think rationally...

Is it really worth angering the whole Elf Kingdom just for these boots? Is it really worth becoming a fugitive just to get 1 accessory?

No, of course not...

I don't need it.


I don't need it.



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