8 "Queen of Wits met the Witty King"

Both of them were good at keeping a false face over their real gestures. Sia, back into her intimidating self was ready to slander the young man before her. She calmed her down somehow and standing with confidence though her height was 5'7 and many inches shorter than him, she stood with an invincible aura.

Whereas Aariv, was amused by each and every gesture reflecting on her face but he didn't reflected his amused gestures through his persona, just staring at her intensely.

Recomposing herself with her former formidable persona, she mimicked his actions and put on an act by tucking the cuffs of her jacket looking straight into his eyes unblinkingly.

Moving little forward, with a smirk on her lips, she said;

"It seems like, you want to dig your own grave."

she said sarcastically.

With an equal victorious smirk on his lips, he replied;

"I won't mind to dig two graves parallel to each other."

This reply, from him surprised her; somehow as seeing her persona and feeling her aura no one dared to reply her like this, that even so casually. But she couldn't accept anyone trying to defeat her, so she proceeded with her wits further.

Narrowing her eyes, with the same composure, she tried to strike him with her wits again,and said;

"Huh! Parallel?? In your dreams."

With a slight raise in eyebrows he proclaimed;

"No dream is inaccessible to me and no one is irresistible to me..." with a pause he murmured under his breath "beside you."

He not only confronted her with his outstanding wits but his wits had deep meanings too. He was indeed a tough competitor for Sia.

Furrowing and with a slight twitch in her brows;

she replied with a scintilla change in her expressions;


"Oh, eventually you got the way of gratefulness in your tone towards me." he said with a smug look on his face.

"I'm heedless about gratefulness, but yeah, I do outmaneuver distinctive greatness in throwing jabs, punches and kicks." She sniggered and said with the constant emotionless face nonchalantly.

"Interesting, it's really interesting to tame a wild cat like you." he replied with a beaming satiating smile on his calm face.

It was the first time, that this man was getting on her nerves somehow. And this feeling was really very new to Sia. Trying to be calm herself, she replied in a calm tone but somewhere his last wit touched her Achilles heel.

"Wild cat? TAME?

I'm not a wild cat 'Mr. Whatever', I'm the Lioness and that too the wildest one; even the Lion is incapacitate in taming a Lioness like me. MIND IT!!!"

she retorted by stressing on certain words, with a mysterious smile, nonetheless, the tinge of exasperation in her rather cold eyes didn't go imperceptible by him.

He noticed each and every hidden gestures which she tried hard to hide.

He felt a slight pain in his heart, comprehending her thoughts through her expressions and persona. He didn't want to educe her longing pain which made her stony as well as empty from inside.

Tucking his hands in the pockets of his pants, standing in front of her with a deep intense glance straight towards her; he said indomitably, but there was the warmth in his intonation.

With a calm face, with a genuine smile this time, he said;

"Well, enough; YOU WON, I LOSE!!"

he stressed over the words implying some deep meaning. As he already lost before her. He lost his heart.

She was staring in his eyes, and he was staring into her eyes, wanted to unravel the mystery of her true self. He wanted to explore her and embrace her at that moment cause after a longing he got the wondrous glimpse of his SOULMATE. But seeing, her determination and aura, he was sure that it wouldn't be easy to make her realise his True Unconditional Love for her. So he trusted the destiny.

Whereas, Sia, who was stupefied by his dreamy eyes of her dreams a while ago; forgot everything as somehow his last sentence made her lose her composure which made her conservative and protective towards herself.

After the prolonging calmness, there was the tinge of anger in her eyes seeming like someone has stepped on her Achilles heels.

But with the spirit of unwavering determination, once again she was ready to refute him, but was interrupted by the ringtone of her cell phone. As she pocketed out her phone, glancing over the screen, she accepted the call, cornering herself from the young man and went at some distance from him who was staring at her intensely without blinking his eyes. By facing her back towards the man she accepted the call.

Before she could utter any word on call, a powerful yet genteel voice of a man approached her ears.

"Where are you my little daredevil? You have been too headstrong to follow my any advice."

"I am already an adult. I can take my own decisions, brother Rish." she rebutted.

"Ow!! Who dared to compel my little cub to take the version of wild angry lioness." voice came from the other end.

The person on the other end was her brother who could easily interpret the emotions and gestures of his sister by a single word.

"Seems like, someone else was also manufactured by God, just like you, to bug me on this earth." she said with a frown on her face.

Like something striked his mind, he said something which was the truth somehow but he said amusingly.

"Aah!! Seems like the most invincible lion has reached to tame this savage lioness." He said with a chuckle.

Whereas she was already angered by such words but who could stop her dear brother who was always after her to irritate.

"Shut up!! Brother Rish!" she exploded in anger.

"Alright, Alright! calm down." he said.

"After making the volcano explosive, you want me to extinguish it now." she blurted out.

Rish felt something strange that day, as he used to irritate her sister often by relating these things to her, but she never ever exploded in such way. It seemed serious somehow. So, immediately he apologised.

"Alright! My bad! I screwed up." with a deep sigh he said.

Without giving time to her, he added again;

"You are supposed to reach home as soon as possible as the whole family will be there in no time. I told you in advance in morning and now look at the time."


Hearing that, she glanced at her majestic wrist watch which was showing it was almost dusk time. This watch was made by her herself as she was also fond of inventing certain things. It had various amazing functions which she designed for herself for scrutinizing and acting upon her various activities. Clinging to the watch, a chain with a small beautiful heart-shaped pendants were hanging on which a quote was written in calligraphy: "TRUE LOVE IS DIVINE, BUT CUPID IS MALIGN."


"NO!!" came the firm reply from her side after hearing her brother.

"What no? You have to reach here within one hour." he said.

"No, I'm not coming. I've to go somewhere else." she said firmly.

"No I don't care, you have to reach here within one hour." he replied.

"No, brother!" she denied.

"Fifty minutes" he said.

"Nooo!!" she said.

"Forty five minutes". he said with some seriousness in his voice.

"Brother, don't force me." she said.

"Don't compel me to disclose your "SWEET LITTLE DISASTROUS SECRET" to mum and dada my dear little sister." he said triumphantly with a smile.

There were many secrets of Sia, which were known by her brother which she hid from her parents. She could never hide anything from her brother Rish.

"Hmph!! Alright brother I'll be there." she said with an aggressive tone.

"Good girl!!" he said with a slight smirk on his face.

Till now, her brother was the person who could decipher her innerself from her tone and gestures, but after meeting Aariv, she was getting more angry as somehow he also got on her nerves saying the things which were unbearable for her somehow.

"I hate you brother!!" she said with anger in her voice.

"I love you too my dear little cub." he said while grinning broadly.

She hung up the phone, trying to calm her infuriating gestures, she turned and saw, the young man was still staring at her intensely.

When she turned, he smiled at her which was enough to make girls crazy. But she was Sia, so she rolled her eyes and moved forward and gestured her friends who were in daze too, a while ago witnessing the savage combat of these wits masters. They were surprised to see Aariv, who was the first man who challenged Sia with equal and savage wits in return. When they got gestured by Sia, they understood what they need to do. As these friends understanding was something astounding which didn't require any word to understand each other.

Moving towards Aariv, she stood before him and said with an emotionless face;

"Excuse me!"

And in return Aariv said by slight bending gestures with a smile ;


And in response, shaking her head in anger, she proceeded towards her bike, meanwhile her friends already took a U-turn towards Sia's home.

When she glanced over her wrist watch the chain slipped and fell over the sturdy earth which she didn't notice. When she proceeded towards her bike, Aariv glanced over the chain picked it up. He was going to return her but when he saw the carvings on the pendant (True Love is Divine, But Cupid is Malign), he was surprised and amused to see that. And he kept that precious treasure with him which interpreted Sia's deepest innerself which was a mystery itself. He wanted to unravel her utterly. He was intrigued towards her, more.

And he realised that his Love was not going to be an easy person.

He said under his breath;

"Finally!! My Soul found yours, Miss Wildest Lioness. Will meet you soon." he said while grinning ear to ear, at her back , who was already set to disappear from there with her friends.

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