165 Fakes

The Salamanders trusted Dr. Lectric, they even made a deal that would benefit each other.

Salamanders will get to know human knowledge at the expense of their energy slimes.

Dr. Lectic even tried studying how these Salamanders were capable of cultivating the new element, Phyxies, into powerful substances that can grant us both humans and Salamanders superpowers.

But when the world government heard of this, they became interested in the energy slimes as well.

Without Dr. Lectric's permission, these people squeezed all the energy slimes that all the Salamanders have and eventually made them extinct.

This was the reason why not even half of the population survived the Great Doom because of those authorities' greediness and idiocracy.

Dr. Lectric was given all the credits for his work, also because the authorities were scared of being blamed for what they've done.


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