2 II

The next day I was writing down at my office, coworkers were passing by laughing but they were more like blurred noises as I was focusing on my work. I was still stumped on what to write so I just chose to write something small to pass the time like a poem, still needed to make money somehow. Once I emailed my publisher about my issue and the poem I left the office. I walked home the 30 minute walk, driving was never my strong suit so I mostly walked everywhere since nothing was that far away. I needed exercise someway too, when I got back I was greeted nicely with a fluffy and sleepy cat and a dog that needed to go out. After showering I took him to the dog park to walk around while thinking of my job. I really had a creative mind but I was just so stumped for some reason at the moment, what was wrong with me lately? Who knows at the moment.

I finished up with Bronzo and took him home but when I opened my personal laptop I had seen that my publisher had emailed me back simply saying 'Nice poem, it looks good. Also sorry about your problem but hurry up and work it out. We have things to get done here..' Well that's what it felt like at least. I got fed up and sighed. My head hit the wall behind me as I got up and before I even decided where I was going it seems like my body already knew where I was going. I grabbed my bag and left the house. Almost sundown, rain was pouring everywhere, I was already at the library pulling my book out I had gotten before. It was a cute love story so it lightened my mood a little.

My hair was roughed up and now wet so when I came in Paul and Kim were there. Kim may have run the place but she still had Paul, Her husband, to help her with the place. Kim had a burst of energy when she seen me and ran out from behind the checkout to hug me, I hugged her back as the color came back into my eyes. The cozy library I loved so much was right in front of me, who was I kidding what else more could I want. I couldn't help but crack a smile while Paul also was smiling sweetly at us. Kim's large smile melted a little when she seen my hair and clothes, "dear?" I tilted my head, " Work stress, I'm stumped like always." "Oh" was all she could muster, it made me giggle. "You'll get the hang of it soon but for now how about we sit and talk. I thought you came here because he was here." She looked past me when I looked with her. My eyes became a little wider when I seen the large dark man sitting down at a table reading to himself with some black reading glasses that went on his face nicely. His hair looked more smoothly this time when I couldn't help but smile.

Kim looked at me and grabbed my wet face with her hand, tilting my head to her eyes. "You could start with asking for his name instead of looking from afar." I gulped and with my drenched hair and wet clothes I walked towards him. He looked too focused on reading to notice me, really focused. I mustered up my courage and pulled up the chair next to him and sat down. I put the book down on the table and opened it. I've probably already read this book a thousand times but I didn't care. He looked over at me surprised at my sudden presence. He cracked a smile and let a small laugh out. I turned towards him, not looking him in the eyes. "Name!" That's all I could muster out before getting really embarrassed. I spoke a little too loud that maybe even Kim and Paul could have laughed at me. I felt my face heating up again, knowing I'd look like that again I got up to move. Seeming that my sudden burst must have startled him too. When I got up I grabbed my book and turned away but I stopped moving when he grabbed my hand. I looked back at him but this time in the eyes. He looked a little surprised but glad. "Jackson." His voice was soft and deep, like something I'd want to be put asleep to. Someone I'd want to sit around and talk to for hours. He chuckled and gave me a look, he signaled with his eyes to mine that it was my turn now for a name. "Ava.. Ava Diero." His hand gently let go of mine, he patted the seat next to him again for me to sit down. I did. We were both a little awkward but he didn't seem to mind me. I tried to start reading but he had took his glasses off and sat them down on the table where his opened book was setting. He stood up and wrapped his warm jacket around me then sat back down starting a conversation about how cold my hand had been.

I told him about my day and it seems like hours passed as we sat there talking instead or actually reading. He was funny and spunk for someone who liked reading but he never did mention knowing who I was which was weird. Some people had realized who I was and would bring it up immediately after hearing my name but he didn't.

When we both left we left together. It was still raining out as he started to see me walking. He walked the other way. I kept walking until this black car pulled up next to me, still wearing his jacket. I clung to it a bit until he rolled down his window a little embarrassed. He told me to get in and that he'd drive me home. So I took the offer and went with him.We sat there in silence just watching the rain together while some nice music played. Just the warmth and color in the car was nice, it wasn't something I wanted to leave so soon. When I got home I hesitated but asked him to come in. At first he said no but after I insisted on the ride he parked and came up with me. Bronzo and Gizmo were both in shock at Jackson, Gizmo was going crazy from Bronzo barking and growling at him but I reassured them both he wasn't so bad.

After they were both comfortable with him we both smiled as he sat down in my kitchen with me. We both got a drink, him with a beer and me with some wine we both sat on my balcony. Reading from time to time together and talking some. After we were done with our drinks we both looked at each other and asked at the same time if he wanted to stay. I agreed, maybe it was liquor courage or maybe something more. I was a little tipsy. He showered as I gave him some stretchy sweatpants since I loved some of my clothes to be baggy and hang off of me anyways. He fit the pants just nicely but I couldn't find a shirt for him exactly because I asked and he said he was ok.

I threw his clothes into the wash and changed into some pajamas and started laying down when he got out. He came over to me and gently shook me awake asking for a blanket. I was a little confused on the question, "Aren't you sleeping with me?" I think it was this question that started everything. His face blushed a little. "Don't say it like that. I can sleep on the couch." I giggled at his response. "Listen I get it but you can be a little rough with me. I'm ok to sleep with." He sat on the bed and got on top of me, my face became hot again. Heated as I looked up at him, his broad shoulders overwhelmingly over my whole body. He leaned down and sat his forehead on my chest. I questioned what might happen next as he looked at. Our faces barely touching as he spoke again, "Sorry Ava but we can't like this. Maybe next time." I tilted my head a little to the side as he got off me finishing, "I'll go figure out what to sleep with." Gizmo followed him out of the room. Maybe they would sleep together. My head was a little spinny and I felt drowsy. Before I knew it I was already passed out, when I woke up I could smell coffee.