The Phoenix of Jujutsu Kaisen

This is gonna be AU in jujutsu kaisen new curses and people would be appearing and the ways techniques are used and can't forget about our mc as he traverse through this new world with the powers of a Phoenix

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106 Chs

Black Flash!

[Third Person's PoV]

While eyeing each other Todo clapped his hands, basically announcing the start of their brawl.

Todo switched positions with a piece of debris that was next to Jinichi Zenin. And as he appeared next to him, Todo enhanced his fist and swung it at Jinichi, sending him flying away from everyone else so they could fight without any distractions.

Both Naobito and Naoya use their curse technique at the same time. They used the 24 four frames and in that same motion followed through them and appeared in front of their respective opponents.

Naobito appeared in front of Ash with a serious expression and wrapped his hands with curse energy and his Curse Technique, the 'Projection Sorcery', he stuck out his hand in an attempt to touch Ash and turn him into a frame.

But when he looked up to see Ash's expression he just saw looking down on him with his cold purple glowing eyes, and an amused smirk.

Ash cocked his fist back and slammed it in against Naobito's face sending him crazing into the ground causing it to cave in and send dust flying everywhere.

Meanwhile as soon as Naoya appeared infront of Mai he enhanced his fist with curse energy and delivered a straight punch which Sent Mai flying back and out of the compound.

When his fist pressed against Mai, her eyes shot wide open in shock, she wasn't able to react to his speed. And when she was shot back she spewed a mouthful of blood.

Naoya's expression expressed a hint of pleasure when he saw what he did to Mai, he quickly followed after her wanting to see her in more pain.

'More! I can't wait to see her expression turn into agony and despair when she realizes her place, and the place where women belong, underneath Men to be used as we please.'

Although Maki could win against her father in one shot, she wanted to see how strong he is, she wants to see how weak this failure of a father is

Maki put a hand on her sword and lowered her posture and shot towards her Father, even if he doesn't have the privilege of such title.

Ogi Zenin did the same; he lowered his posture and put a hand on the handle of his sword. He shot towards Maki making them meet in the middle.

But instead of clashing, testing their might, Maki easily overpowered him and sent him flying back and crashing back where he came from.

Ogi laid on top of the rubble slightly disoriented, 'Damn it, if I can't win against her through strength I shall do it with skill' he thought with gritted teeth standing back up and dusting off all the dirt.

He lowered his posture once again but this time he covered his sword and arms and legs with curse energy.

The ground cracked due to the force he used to run towards Maki while Maki just looked at her father coming towards her with disappointment evident in her eyes.

Maki closed her eyes and shook her head with her head down, she just let out a sigh of disappointment as her father appeared right in front of her with his sword aiming right on her neck.

Maki moved her hand, which was holding her sword, so fast it left after images. Ogi's entire sword was sliced into pieces, as multiple cuts started to appear all over his body, it was to the point that it looked like it was Sukuna using his technique.

When she was done Ogi fell backwards while looking at the swordless hilt in his hands as blood erupted from all over his cuts.

Maki looked at her father on the floor bleeding out and sighed once again "I hope you rot in hell for all I care, God may forgive but I sure won't"

Maki plunged her sword right through his head, leaving him with an expression as if he was about to beg for mercy. With that Ogi was the first death between the elders of the Zenin clan, leaving Maki the first to finish her fight.

When she was done, she withdrew her sword and flicked it, removing all the blood. She then put her sword back on her sheath and sat down next to her father's dead body. Showing her having the full confidence of her friend in winning their battles.

When Todo punched Jinichi out of the area away from everyone he didn't do a lot of damage. Although Jinichi was sent flying back all be got was a bloody nose

Both Todo and Jinichi gave out a bloodthirsty grin, No words were said between each other. There was no need, as they were alike in just one aspect, they loved a good fight.

Jinichi enhanced himself with curse energy and used his Curse Technique, Missile Fists, and sent out curse energy in the shape of fist.

Todo smirked when he saw him coming and clapped his hands, switching positions.

Jinichi who got switched just smirked and let his own curse energy hit him as it couldn't hurt him, but Todo also let out a smirk.

He clapped his hands when the last fist was about to hit Jinichi and reappeared in front of him with his fist ready to punch him.

And as his fist connected to Jinichi's face Todo screamed out "Black Flash!" Caving in Jinichi's face slightly with black and red tendrils of electricity flying out.

Todo didn't just stop and watch Jinichi fly away, he enhanced himself and ran after him. While flying backwards Jinichi readjusted himself and planted his feet in the ground to stop himself.

And while sliding back as he stopped himself He sent out another fist towards the now closed up Todo making it impossible for him to dodge.

Luckily he was covering himself in Curse Energy, so Todo was sent skidding along the ground, when he finished rolling he stood up to one knee and turned his head to the side. He spit out some blood from his mouth and clapped his hand again.

Seeing this Jinichi sent out all the Missile fists he could muster which was seven, thinking he got Todo, but when he released the seventh and last fist, he saw Todo where he once was and Clapped his hand again switching positions with the seventh fist.

All Jinichi saw was Todo's fist coming right towards his head and he couldn't do anything about it. "BLACK FLASH" Todo shouted even louder than earlier, making more black and red lighting come out when he made contact with Jinichi's face.

Instead of allowing Jinichi to fly off again, Todo redirected his fist to the ground dragging Jinichi along with him, causing the ground to crack and break. Blood flowed out of Jinichi's face and back of the head but Todo didn't stop at just one punch.

Punch after Punch Todo kept beating Jinichi with a savage grin on his face, he then cocked his fist all the back and shouted "THIS ONE FOR YOU MY BROTHER, BLACK FLASH!!!"

And with one last black flash Todo destroyed Jinichi's head, Killing him for good, once and for all, making Todo the second one to kill an elder of the Zenin Clan…