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[ ~ Chapter • Start ~ ]

Currently, inside one of the Occult Research Club's rooms, whose interior like the rest of the club itself is of Victorian style, was a red haired woman leaning towards her hand.

Of course, you know her as Rias Gremory, who was almost nervous and troubled about something important and was also trying to get herself relaxed.

"Lady Rias, you're worried about him, right?" Akeno, her Queen, questioned as she began massaging her King's shoulders and making her feel relaxed. "You should take a few deep breaths to clear up your mind even for a bit."

Rias began fidgeting in nervousness, before sighing in realization and palming her face whilst her eyes twitch.

"I was just troubled about how I could present myself to my betrothed! Maybe just the school uniform would do for now? We still have our work inside this academy, after all..." Rias spoke, almost unsure about Riser's arrival sooner or later in this day.

The heiress grumbled, and sighed.

Her other peerage members were all around the academy because of certain tasks, but they should be back after a few minutes.

And on second thought, maybe she should get herself some tea to relax and actually prepare for the worst and best that will happen.

Suddenly, a few knocks were coming from the door.

"Who is it?" Rias asked.

"It's your father-in-law."

Reacting swiftly, Rias calmly stood up and calmed herself down as she needs to look presentable towards her future father-in-law.

"You may enter." She said, and Rugal entered, wearing his own P.E. uniform. It was, in fact an unusual sight for Rias to see him like this.

"Forgive me, I got lost around the academy and eventually found myself here." Rugal spoke, making Rias and Akeno understand, even for a moment.

Sitting on the couch nearby, and obviously emitting an aura of nobility, he looked at his wristwatch and nodded.

"Riser will be coming around 5 minutes from now. But as we still have time, why don't we talk?" Rugal spoke slowly, whilst taking out a clipped stack of papers labeled [Miracle-X-Master S2] and a "simple" ballpen from his pocket. "Oh, and I do this during my free time, also because Sera-tan asked me to make the script."

Akeno had always looked at Rugal with intrigue ever since he arrived in this school and immediately asked Rias to become the new PE teacher. Still, she, along sith her fellow peerage members and even Rias didn't really even know much about him other that being her fiancee's father.

Aside from that.....

"Why the awkward look? Don't you have something to say?" Rugal asked, as Rias pursed her lips and calmed herself down.

"Do you still have your invitation with you-"

For a mere moment, Rugal froze in place, before he stared at Rias with a questioning look that made her be silent.

"Oh well.... I have.... lost it while fighting an amateur who wielded the Sacred Gear, [Dimension Lost]." Rugal spoke while sighing regretfully, recalling what had happened weeks prior to his arrival to Kuoh.

"Ah, what happened to him?"

"Sealed off his [Sacred Gear] along with his ability to use magic, essentially crippling him along with a few of his allies, but it's more physical for them than the idiot who trashed my invitation, that's what happened. They might as well recover within 9 months or so." Rugal replied with some irritation under his tone, before focusing at his script.

Rias felt intrigued, but knowing he was a high-classed devil who is hundreds of years old (she doesn't know his real age) made her believe him even more.

'But to defeat a Sacred Gear user, and calling him an amateur along with other of his friends.... they must have skill issues and not deserving much attention despite one of them having a sacred gear.' The Heiress concluded, not ever knowing that the person had a Longinus Level Sacred Gear known as Dimension Lost.

Aside from that....

"What's so funny?" Rias asked her, and the Queen obviously shrugged her shoulders after chuckling.

"I'm just imagining them being bound on their beds, writhing in pain, that's all." Was Akeno's reply as a smirk crept up her face.

At this point Rias was used at her peerage's Queen to act under sadomasochistic tendencies at times.

And by observing Akeno alone, Rugal gained a new idea that he was already writing into the script for a future release. Though what seeds he planted might be seen to fully bloom somewhere in the future.

Soon enough, the Gremory Magic Circle in the middle of the room had begun shining brightly for a few seconds. When it dimmed, two figures appeared at it's center.

"Koneko, Yuuto. You have arrived-"

Then another magic circle also appeared, as expected by Rugal.

"Rias! My love, I have arrived!" A voice came out of the magic circle, before spiralling orange flames appeared and engulfed it, before it dispersed to reveal a blonde man who had a toothy grin.

And of course, two figures who had just arrived were surprised at this sudden arrival, preparing to protect Rias, yet their King commanded them to stay put.

Rias, however, had almost started to look like a tomato whilst blushing on the spot, either in embarrassment due to underpreparedness, or due to how attractive the fellow peerage leader had become.

His slow, elegant steps towards Rias had made her feel butterflies around her stomach, and then, he lent his hand towards her.

"Would you like to spend some time with me here before our eventual marriage, my bride?"

Rias held on to his hand.

Behind him, Rugal only smiled as he couldn't help but just do so. It seems he had taught him well, and now that the future had changed due to his own existence, he wondered what else had changed.

Aside from that, it seems like the two were already becoming indulged in their own world.

[ ~ Chapter • End ~ ]

Author's Commentary: I might decide to write an entire arc completely on Miracle-X-Master S2.

Extra Information:

Rugal Phenex's Height is 190cm and his weight is 115kgs.

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