1 CHAPTER 1 - Is this a dream?


A middle age women ran out from the house hurriedly, panicked and fear can be seen on her face.

She saw a smoke erupted from the laboratory in the backyard and a young lady came out from there; covered in dust and coughing.

After making sure that she was unscathed and alright, her pale face was replaced with red. Surely, she was angry.

She fiercely glared at the young lady before her and shout, "Lu shanying!!!! Are you trying to blow up the whole backyard? How many times have I told you to stop your stupid experiment? Sooner or later, we'll have to sleep in the street all because of you!!!!"

Lu shanying smile, "Mom, calm down... How many times you're going to repeat the same thing? Aren't we still living in the same place for the past 4years?"

"You.... Look at you.... You're already 28 years old... Still unmarried and not even a single boyfriend. Always doing experiment with those weird liquid, if not you will always stayed whole day in your room reading books. When are you going to get married and give us a grandchildrens?!!"

Lu shanying mouth twitch and felt helpless. She don't know how her mom brain's works, how come the conversation is start with the explosion and ended up in her getting married and having children.

"It's not that I don't want to get boyfriend and get married. I still haven't found the right person yet." Lu shanying replied helplessly.

"Don't give me that excuse. If you didn't get yourself a boyfriend and get married by the end of the year. Don't blame me for drugging you and hire someone to knocked you up."

"Mom..... !!!!!! How can you be willing to pay for getting your daughter pregnant?"

"You know that I will really do it. So hurry up and get yourself a boyfriend soon. Me and your father don't care about the background, as long as he give us grandchildrens. The sooner the better."

"Why am I so unlucky!!!!!"

"Remember there's only three months left, you should hurry up and get to work. Before I do it myself"

"You don't have to worry mother, if I found the right guy. Don't talk about getting a boyfriend, i will abduct him right away and tie the knot. If he dare to resist, i will break his leg" Lu shanying smile evilly.

" Father like children... Your father and big brother did the same thing. Luckily, me and your sister-in-law fell in love at first sight." Mrs. Lu was lost in a thought.

"Aren't you cruel yourself mother? Paying to get your daughter pregnant? Our family sure is weird." Lu shanying sighed.

Surely her family have problem, regarding persuading love. If you told other people, no one would believe. Who in their right mind would believe that; the Lu family who are known as kind, generous and loving people would do this kind of thing.

Lu shanying sighed again and again.She said all that to calm her mom. But she don't really mind abducting her lover but breaking leg part, she only said it of impulse.

She clearly remember the day her big brother kidnapped her sister-in-law. That year her sister-in-law was only 20 years old. She just graduated from college and was on her way back from the farewell party. Her handsome iceberg big brother, who's never seen near a girl except her and her mother. Abduct her and bring her home and said he want to marry her.

The girl was so scared and crying non stop. Her mother coax and spend the entire night to calmed her down.

But who would have thought that the next day, when the girl calm down and saw the iceberg clearly in broad daylight. She would agree to married him without hesitation.

Her family sure is weird..... Even her mom is just like her sister-in-law, when her dad abduct her.

The next day, Lu shanying dressed up and decided to go on her hunt for a boyfriend.

Lu shanying from a young age is a talented person, drawing, painting, studying, crafting....

Her mom is a designer, so from a young age she helped her mom design clothes and help her sewing the sample. So is pretty good in design, sewing and embroidering clothes.

In her free time she would do different kinds of crafts such as, wood sculptures, making jewelries and pottery.

When she grew up, she took major in Biotechnology and graduated with an excellent grade. From there on her whole life is spend in the laboratory in her backyard inventing.

She like to read novel especially martial arts and transmigration novel. She always wanted to learn martial arts, but because she was born with respiratory problem her family didn't allowed her even though it didn't cause her any difficulty in her daily lifelyhood.

So she planned to go look for a guy who is good in martial arts, so she could watch him practice while wearing traditional han dress, just like those in the novel.

She searched for a high rated dojo's in the net and decided to pay a visit. After listing several dojo's and their address, she set out.

Who would have thought that hunting for her dream guy would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. After spending a whole day searching she have to return empty hand.

Her back is paining, her feets are sore and her stomach is growling from hunger.

She took a shortcut on her way back, since it save her a lot of time. It's already 9 p.m., the street are empty and feels a little spooky. She drove her car while listening to the radio and sang along.

Suddenly, a dog jump out of nowhere. She stepped on the brakes and makes a loud screeching sound.

Her heart pounding so much that, it feels like it's going to burst out of her body.

She took a deep breath and relax before stepping out from the car. The dog sit quietly under a big tree near the road. She approach the dog, after making sure it was unharmed. She sighed in relief.

She pat the dog head, " Don't do that again, it's very dangerous. It's very late now, you should go home", she smiled.

The dog made a 'woooo' sound, and nodded like it understand what she's saying.

She got up and just as she turned to go back to her car, a light flashes infront of her. She turned back and saw a faint white light glow on the tree. She approach the tree and touch it. Just as she touched that white light, her mind turned black and she feels like she's falling into a bottomless dark pit.

Then suddenly her head feels like it's going to explode. A sharp pain in her chest like a knive is twisting again and again. Then the pain slowly faded away.

When she opened her eyes; she was lying under a tree. Her vision are a little blurred. She looked at her surrounding, it looks like she's inside a thick forest.

She pushed herself up from the ground and noticed that her clothes are a little strange. After sometime her vision become clear then saw that she's wearing a ragged clothes of light green skirt and white outer rope like a dress in ancient time.

Then a thought suddenly popped up in her mind, "Transmigration".

Did she really transmigrated, as a fan of transmigration novel. She feels excited and wonder which novel did she transmigrated to, will she meet a handsome male protoganist whose martial arts is unfathomable. Is the original body owner pretty like a fairy, just as in most of the novel. Which family daughter and which plot she have to play.

She can't help but smile and make plans for what she's going to do. No matter what role she have to play, she will make herself shine and be unmatchable.

Just as she let her thought run wild, her head feels dizzy and then a series of memories flashed.

Cultivation world, five continent. West continent where devil race lives, the East, North and South continent where mortal cultivator lives. Central continent where the descendant of the Gods lives and there is little information about it. One have to reach Heavenly Immortal stage to go there.

Lu shanying home is in Taohua village in loushen county a small county in the East continent.

The East continent have 26 countries, 9 big countries, 16 middle countries and 11 small countries. The real overlords of the east continent are the 7 supreme sects.

The original owner is 7years old, her mother past away when she is 4 years old, She have a 9 years old big brother and her father is only 26 years old. She doesn't have any other relatives, and is from a poor family.

Her father makes a living from collecting medicinal herbs and hunting beasts from the mountain.While her mother is alive their lives are a little better than most of the villager; because her mother is a level 1 Alchemist.

They live in a small house with a small courtyard. Two bedroom and one room used as a main hall.

Her father is quite a handsome men. But due to proverty and still mourning for his deceased wife, he didn't get married again. Even though his children need someone to take care of them.

And no other interesting plot like in the novel where she is bullied or have engagement with the prince or have to take revenge.

The original owner have the same name as her and look exactly like her younger self.

Lu shanying felt so disappointed for not transmigrated into one of the novel she'd read. She felt like crying, she's a single dog in her previous life. And after she transmigrated, she didn't end up in an interesting plot like in the novel she used to read. What's more, she ended up in a child body.

The only thing she is happy about is that this is a cultivation world.

She keep pinching herself whether she is dreaming or not. The pain confirmed she's not dreaming.

"Original owner, rest in peace. Don't worry I will make us be at the Pinnacle of this world" Lu shanying looked up at the sky and bow to give her respect.

From the original owner memories, she came up here in the mountain to gather herbs with her father. Then she trip on the tree roots and fell down hitting her head. Making her able to take over the body.

Lu shanying looks her surrounding and found no sign of her father. She got scared, since this body only belong to a 7years old girl, with only a level 3 Qi condensation stage, what will she do if she meets a beasts.

Since most of the spirit beast and demonic beast here in Mount. Song are level 2 and above. Not to mention that even level 1 spiritbeast and demonic beast can tear up a level 6 Qi condensation stage cultivator in a second.

'Since it's like this then I guess I have to use the secret weapon'.

Lu shanying take a deep breath and open her mouth....

'Woo.... wooo' she started crying pitifully. Tears streams down on her face and snots come out from her nose.

If it is still Earth, surely she will get award for her acting.

Then she heards a sound of fast panic footsteps. After a couple of seconds, a handsome men appear before her.

His clear black pupil, pheonix like eyes. His straight high pointed nose. His perfect oval shape face. His sexy thin lip. A well built body, about 6"1' foot tall.

He put his hair in a bun with a wooden hairpin and a white ribbon. He wore a ragged white and blue short coat with a greyish pant and a worn-out leather boot. Even so, he still look handsome and elegant like a noble son in the capital.

Lu shanying couldn't help but gulped a few times at the sight of a handsome man.

"Shan Shan, what happened? Are you alright?" he said worriedly.

This handsome immortal like men is Lu shanying father, Lu Xin.

"Daddy.... I fall and hit my head"... Lu shanying sobbed and said. Hugging the men infront of her and let her hand travel everywhere shamelessly.

"Shan shan ..... it's okay.... Daddy's here..... Stop crying now or you will alarm the beast," Lu Xin said while patting his daughter head.

Lu shanying mouth twitched, ' that's right.... I'm in the middle of the forest where spirit and demonic beast roaming around everywhere... What am I thinking? Crying and molest a handsome man'

"Okay..... Sorry Daddy..." Lu shanying said guiltily and stop her pervert and shameless act.

' Why am I so unlucky? Why this handsome man is not my partner instead of my father?' Lu shanying thought.

" Shan shan.... let's go home now", Lu xin said while holding Lu shanying hand and walked the way where he came from.

After walking about 2 minutes, they saw a big bamboo basket lying on the road. Lu xin picked up the basket and carry it on his back.

Then he lift Lu shanying up, hold her in his arm and sprint on the tree. Lu shanying felt like they are flying.... Her father is a level 5 core formation stage, if his speed is this fast. Then how about the earth realm, heaven realm, saint realms, immortal and God realm.

Even though her father is only a level 5 core formation stage, it is pretty high stage in a village like taohua village. Since most of the villager are in the foundation establishment stage.

A village like taohua are poor, they don't have enough money to buy a cultivation technique and elixer that can let them reach a higher realm.

In this survival of the fittest world, there's nothing they can do but to stay in poverty. The villager earned their livelihood from farming, collecting herbs and hunting low level beasts from the mountain. If they encounter a high level beasts, there's nothing they can do to fight back at all.

Since she arrived here already, she have to give her all not to die. She will enjoy this second life not spending her life like the previous one.

'First I've to break free from proverty, only then I can get strong.' ,Lu shanying clenched her hand and make a promise to the heaven.

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