31 The Chaos Starts

In May, the wind blew into Bulgaria. It overflowed with smiling faces, exquisite flowers, knocked on the sleeping sky with the hand of hope, blew away the rottenness, blew away the rotten smell, and brought clarity.

In a flash, four months have passed, and time is the best medicine. The trauma brought by the bloody Christmas night slowly faded out of people's lives over time.

Bulgaria is slowly returning to its usual calm, and martial law has long lifted in Sofia. With a large number of oppositionists caught in the net, the local level has become calm. The government has begun to relax the control of the private sector.

On May 4, 1889, the peace of Sofia shattered with the sound of the "boom".

The opposition parties, which had been quiet for a long time, launched a vocal counterattack against the government.

This time, unlike before, the mastermind is a radical - Vasil Radoslavov. The opposition party enlisted dozens of volunteers and is now the strongest force they can muster!

Vasil chose to play it safe and targeted the families of government officials. Stambolov got shot again, and as prime minister, his family focused on it.

The Edburga Primary School, located in southeastern Sofia, is one of the best elementary schools in Bulgaria, where Stambolov's eldest son - Uil - studied.

At noon, Edburga Primary School was in its lunch break when two strange men suddenly knocked down the janitor and broke into the school. They were covered in dynamite and went straight to Uil's class and then set off the bomb.

More than ten people got killed on the spot, and more than thirty has injured. Uil was among the wounded. It was hard to know whether to say that he had a blessed life or had a hard life.

The people who came to hear the sound have rescued them at once. Perhaps knowing Uil's identity, he could recover his life with the full help of the school doctor.

But instead, he was hit by shrapnel in both legs and was forced to amputate them to avoid infection. For a child in his early teens, this was too cruel.

Stambolov, who came to hear the news, saw Will's tragic condition. His head "buzzed" and his heart burned with anger in his chest. He wants to kill the killer in pieces at once!

Almost at the same time, other top government officials also received terrible news. For example, Minister of Interior Ionas himself, his wife was out shopping when someone killed her on the spot in a sudden bomb attack.

Blood for blood, that was their common thought.

Sofia's police officers are out in force again. They are now all scared to death, afraid of offending the top and losing their jobs.

In the evening, an emergency cabinet meeting got held. They saw only a few gloomy faces as they walked into the meeting room, with ranting sounds coming from time to time from outside the room.

Stambolov's voice went from low to high as he gradually roared. His face turned crimson and then dark blue. His neck rose as if it were about to explode, he covered his head with beads of sweat, and his fist punched the desk with a "cracking" sound.

He was furious, yet the other four, not much better. With a burst of mutual retaliation, their anger got even worse.

Stambolov growled and roared, "The police are a bunch of losers! How dare they let these terrorists infiltrate Sofia! I'll have them removed from their posts..."

Sava said with a grimace, "Yes, they must be removed from their posts! Not only that, but they must be sent to jail! This is all because of their neglect of duty!"

Mihail gritted his teeth and said, "We must retaliate viciously! Catch them all out and hang them all!"

Ionas said viciously, "Not only that, they actually dared to do this. It's time to show them what we are capable of! Do they really think we don't dare to kill people?"

Stambolov's eyes glared and said fiercely, "You're right! Most of their leaders are in our hands, right? In that case, let's execute the leaders! Let's show them that the government can kill too!"

Vasil Radoslavov's plan worked. The eyes of the Stambolov government were all focused on them. They ignored the subtle changes in the army!

But the results may be beyond his control. The impact of the provocation has gone too far. The Stambolov cabinet is now not caring about the effects, and the butcher's knife has come at them.

The police were now arresting people, dead or alive. With the support of Hoover's intelligence service, the police's ability to perform their jobs began to rise to the top. The hidden opposition members were falling into the net. Those who tried to escape got shot on the spot.

Vasil is secretly celebrating the fact that the operation went well. However, sadly, as the dangerous one, he was one of the first targets removed by Hoover.

When the police came to the door, Vasil did not know that he got exposed. He opened the door boldly, and without allowing him to speak, he came face to face with a bullet.

He heard only a "phew" sound. The future famous Radoslavian got destroyed in the cradle.

Yes, this is Ferdinand's plan to kill with a loan knife. The executor is, of course, the head of intelligence, Hoover.

In two years, Ferdinand's forces have penetrated into all areas of Bulgaria, with the police and military naturally being key targets.

Compared to the army, the Bulgarian police were like a washing machine, full of loopholes. Whether by infiltrating or by coercion, Hoover was able to raise many people quickly.

It's time to put it to use today and set out to clean up the targets, which is only a small task. Hoover's main target was many landlords, capitalists, politicians, and extremists who got captured.

Ionas came back to the Ministry of Interior with his cup shattered on the floor and papers flying around. After he finished venting, he gathered his men. He scolded viciously: "The rebel party is rampant like this, you are all a bunch of useless people! All day long..." (10,000 words omitted)

Probably tired of scolding, Ionas angrily said, "You will go to the prison now and have the head of the rebel party publicly executed. Do you hear me?"

The crowd was shocked and was about to open their mouths to ask for the exact list, but their desire to speak stopped when they saw Ionas' stern face.

Out of the office, Pavel Kochakin and others are confused about "execution of the head". Who is that? How to define it? But living under the shadow of Ionas for a long time, they did not have the guts to ask.

Pavel Kochakin asked in wonder, "What do we do now? Do any of you know who the heads are?"

The people all shook their heads, saying they didn't know. Suddenly Khali tapped his head, smiled, and said: "I know, it should be in accordance with their status! The high status is naturally the head! As for how exactly to define, it is simply handed to the people at the bottom of the line."

"And it doesn't matter if you get it wrong, it's his bad luck to kill the wrong fish. You can kill them again later! I think even if they are all dead now, Mr. Minister will not mind!"

Several other people also reacted and looked at each other with a smile. However, the original political views are different. Naturally, there is no need to use torture. These people now got caught, and the top has personal enmity. The minister did not say directly, perhaps want them to kill some more!

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