80 Lifetime Events

Is it difficult to open a bank? There is no doubt that it is indeed difficult. In addition to capital, it requires a large number of financial talents to start a bank.

But for Ferdinand, it is all very simple. Many banks have gone bankrupt in the economic crisis. It is not a problem to poach people or acquire a small bank for restructuring.

The creation of a bank, that is, can facilitate their own use but also solve the financial crisis in Bulgaria. he can manipulate the major problem in the future behind the scenes in loans to the government. It is, by the way, a big profit.

The more Ferdinand thought about it, it got a little better, but soon Alice broke his good mood. He did not want to face a big woman but had to face has come.

His mother, Princess Clémentine, had "fled" from Vienna.

Since Ferdinand became Knyaz of Bulgaria, Princess Clémentine still lived mainly in Vienna and had much less contact with each other.

Just because they only see each other a few times a year doesn't mean that Ferdinand can ignore Princess Clémentine.

In fact, Ferdinand still respects Princess Clémentine and basically won't fight against her. But there is one thing exception, is the major life issues.

He met many noble ladies in Vienna before, but Ferdinand was not interested. Of course, he was not very old at that time. It also used European nobles to marry late, and he was not under much pressure.

Later, after becoming a Knyaz of Bulgaria, his marriage was not easy, involving political impact.

It was then delayed, with Princess Clémentine not less worried about the matter and ended up giving Ferdinand a few, all of which he pushed away with a political misfit.

This time, Princess Clémentine has come over. Ferdinand is already weak, secretly thinking: Why not just compromise and find a random one to cope with it? I do not need to toss and turn. Anyway, this position has been destined not to escape from the political marriage. I do not expect to find any love.

After a moment of deep thought, seeing Franz still there, Ferdinand organized his thoughts. Now he was not in the mood to deal with official business and said, "Mr. Franz, I'll leave the bank to you. Whether it's an acquisition or a new one, it's best to finish it within the year!"

"Yes, Your Highness, I will get it done as soon as possible!" Franz said calmly.

Ferdinand has nodded his head. Franz's ability does not need to be doubted. After following him after these years of training, his potential has been boosted. He is definitely the top talent in this era.

There is also loyalty that he can assure. It has passed Ferdinand's test. With a family that has followed the Koháry family for a living, the chance of betrayal is almost zero.

Ferdinand is grateful that he was born into a large family. Both in terms of connections or talent pool, there is enough of a legacy. If he really started with nothing, he would have to worry about his survival now.

Time rushed by, and Princess Clémentine had entered Bulgaria. However, there was no rush to seek Ferdinand's bad luck.

Bulgaria is God's backyard, and the roses are in full bloom right now, with beautiful flowers.

Princess Clémentine admired the scenery all the way along. It was clear that she was in a good mood and did not seem to be in any hurry at all, totally unlike the urgency in the telegram.

It would have been less than a day's journey by train to Sofia after entering Bulgaria. However, Princess Clémentine took five days to get there.

When he saw Princess Clémentine's act, Ferdinand knew that there was trouble. This time it was mostly impossible to avoid it. Now he only hoped that the noble lady was not too scary this time.

In fact, since Ferdinand succeeded as Knyaz of Bulgaria, Princess Clémentine was rarely asked about his affairs, except for his marriage.

It seems that when Princess Clémentine comes over every time, it's all about this. Basically, the more pleased she is, the more laid back she goes. She has gone through seven or eight times worse before and after and still enjoys it.

From the way Princess Clémentine acted, Ferdinand had already confirmed which kingdom's princess it was again. If it was just the daughter of common noblemen, it usually starts with a telegram with a stack of information and then rushes over as soon as Ferdinand refuses.

It seems that the more Princess Clémentine grows older, the more she has the look of a child. Now it looks as that teasing Ferdinand has become a joy in her life.

This time is no less than Princess Clémentine quietly entered the palace and stopped the attendant who wanted to report the news and suddenly showed up in front of Ferdinand.

Ferdinand, who was dealing with his official business, was taken aback. However, before Ferdinand could say anything, Princess Clémentine said: "Ferdinand, why don't you come to welcome me? I've come all the way from Vienna to see you, and you actually..."

A group of horses is already running wild in Ferdinand's heart. Is it really good to sow pity on your son like this? Is it possible that her thinking will be unusual when a woman gets older and enters menopause? I didn't hear of such a state of menopause in the past life!

However, Ferdinand admitted that he was an orphan in his previous life and really didn't pay much attention to this aspect.

He said, "How could it be? You are my most respected mother, how could I not welcome you?"

"Really? That's great! By the way, I forgot to ask, how many mothers do you have in total?" Princess Clémentine said seriously.

Ferdinand was stunned and confused. There is this kind of work?

As if satisfied with Ferdinand's behavior, Princess Clémentine laughed out loud: "Ha ha ha ha ha ~ ~" and bent her back, and only after half a second said: "Did you know that Ferdinand? Your reaction just now is too funny, just like when you were a child!"

Ferdinand is now in tears when he looks around the maids who wanted to laugh and did not dare to laugh. He lost a lot of faces this time.

It seems that Princess Clémentine had had enough fun and left Ferdinand alone. By the way, she handed him an invitation to St. Petersburg to attend the ball of Grand Duchess Xenia.

Ferdinand was slow to react, but he also knew what was happening. Under normal circumstances, who would go thousands of miles away to invite someone to the ball?

The 19th century is not the 21st century. From Bulgaria to St. Petersburg by plane will take a few hours to arrive. It's time to go by carriage and train for half a month!

Ferdinand was clear that this time it was not his turn to refuse. His mother, Princess Clémentine, was probably ready, and as the last known party, he could only accept.

Ferdinand looked up in his memory. The first time he saw the grand duchess, she still looked like a cute little girl, about ten years ago.

Grand Duchess Xenia has written very little in history. A big fan of history like Ferdinand has no knowledge of her at all, except that she was the daughter of Aleksandr III.

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