22 Admissions

"Your Highness is right, our University of Bulgaria has just been founded and we have to ensure the quality of students! In fact, at the university's staff, which also limits the number of students enrolled, the Ministry of Education estimates that the first session of students will probably be between three and five hundred people!" Chekhov added another stab to the hearts of the crowd.

"We understand all these circumstances, and I agree that we should cut the number of people, but this is not even one tenth of the former!" said a depressed Akoko, the delegate of the Faculty of History.

"No, Sir you are wrong, not one tenth. In order to save resources for education, some majors may not change much in number, while many more will be simply scrapped!" Chekhov let loose a harsh statement.

"What? How is this possible?" The crowd was shocked.

"Mr. Minister, this..."

Ferdinand, seeing that things were going to go wrong, waved his hand and said, "Sir, please forgive me for interrupting. He didn't want to do this, but he couldn't help it, because we were poor! I can answer this question for him and give you an explanation!"

"This is a critical moment in Bulgaria's development, and all resources are to be poured into industrialization. That is why at this stage in the University of Bulgaria, it is all about industrialization!"

"For the sake of Bulgaria, everyone must make sacrifices. You are all the elite of Bulgaria, tell me if you can make sacrifices for this country?" Ferdinand asked sharply.

The crowd said in a mixed voice:




Ferdinand is satisfied with the reaction of the crowd. It seems that everyone has to be dignified. At least on the surface, they are patriots.

The specific majors that were cut, Ferdinand stayed out of the way and gave it directly to the Ministry of Education.

He only gave a guideline to the Ministry of Education to keep all the science and technology majors. The government will pay for the free tuition and fees, and the graduation can be assigned.

As for liberal arts majors, sorry, there is no money. The university has to cover all expenses. Financial allocations, including private donations and other income, are not part of the liberal arts program, and the state is not responsible for employment issues.

In fact, it was a clear message to the Ministry of Education to cut the Faculty of Liberal Arts or else education would have to fund itself.

The reason is simple: most of the liberal arts students who graduated from Bulgaria in history are too weak in the eyes to find a job.

This group of unemployed people, in the end, either joined the revolutionary party or anarchism to get back at society. Then the Soviet Union exported the revolution, and they became the successors of communism.

To keep his position, Ferdinand naturally had to drain the field in advance of these hidden problems. Without the involvement of these people, it was almost impossible to get the Soviet Union to infiltrate Bulgaria.

The final result was not to Ferdinand's surprise. The education community still chose to compromise, and most of the liberal arts majors were optional courses. Courses like history and language courses were fortunately made mandatory and not separately enrolled.

As a result, everyone can accept, at least to retain the liberal arts major, and everyone keeps their jobs.

Ferdinand was happy to do so and spent a few of his money to keep the scholars in the school to save him from adding to the mess.

Those who are unlucky are only the students of the University of Bulgaria. They have no chance to experience the freedom space of future universities.

There are many schedules of classes that Ferdinand had read, and in the future senior students will enjoy a treatment. The weekend is non-existent, which am the worst university student in the world.

Not to mention Ferdinand's sense of triumph, the news of the University of Bulgaria was instantly a national sensation.

Everyone focuses on the school's twelve majors, a clean majority of science and technology, which makes a difference.

The media fights a daily war of words. Don't look at the gang that fought for rights and argued to keep the liberal arts major before.

Now, one by one, all turn into patriots. All of them take the initiative to do so for Bulgaria's development and save educational resources.

All of them dare to swear to God. They never contain a bit of selfishness, all for the country for the people to take the initiative to sacrifice.

It looks like Ferdinand is somewhat impressed. They are so patriotic. If you do not retain your rights to treatment, it is estimated that it is now another scene.

Bulgaria has a continental climate with four distinct seasons, influenced by the Black Sea in the north and by the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

The summer temperature is not very hot. Students come from all over the world ~ they are all in high spirits and vigorous. They are all full of self-confidence and a sense of self-esteem.

The streets of Sofia are filled with them. In order to cope with this big test, several hotels owned by Ferdinand have opened early.

At the Hilton Hotel in the east of the city, several young scholars were discussing.

"Ram, you know what's on the test this time?" Andrea asked.

"Andrea, no shit, how could I possibly know! But I heard that this exam will be very strict. If you don't study well, it will be a shame if you fail the exam!" Ram said.

"Ram, you're still so boring. This is Sofia, our capital, the number one city in Bulgaria, don't you want to see it?" Andrea asked.

"Andrea, I think Ram is right. We'd better study hard now. I heard that the number of admissions is very small this time, so if we are carelessly eliminated, how can we have the face to go home to see others!" Anabel said.

"Oh, God, you all have a point! We will study, but how can we study if we don't know what's on the test? Bunch of bores!" Andrea growled.

Such small stories are constantly staged in Bulgaria. Most of those who were able to graduate from secondary school smoothly were from good families. In those days, studying was not something that ordinary families could afford to spend.

When they come to Sofia from all over the country, it's only natural that some people can't resist going out for a stroll, and it drives the spending in Sofia, but most people choose to study.

University students in Bulgaria have always seemed to be a high-profile term. In the past, the only way to go to university was to travel abroad to study.

The huge expenses are enough to break the bones of a wealthy family. Every year, only a handful of people can study abroad, and most of them are out of reach.

This exam is a chance for many people. Don't look at their mouths and say it's easy. Almost everyone, in fact, is working hard.

The date of the test is getting closer and closer. Influenced by the previous life, Ferdinand could not resist selling the information to make a profit several times.

Finally, he forced himself to hold back. He was no longer the Taobao merchant who sold pirated goods. How much money can one earn from a mere few thousand points of information? A few thousand Leva or tens of thousands of Leva?

It's not as much as Ferdinand now earns in a day. If it affects the fairness of this exam, it will be a problem if many crooked people are chosen at the start.

The first graduates are his future team. It is the future leaders of Bulgaria in all sectors.

He dispelled this thought, but one can think of the future Bulgarian scholars who will indeed be buried by the information, which is always low in front of the interests of Ferdinand's sense of modesty.

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