60 Fighting the woman

Feng Hao and the woman looked at each other for a few seconds. The woman made the first move and the Whip in her hand moved like a snake toward Feng Hao.

The whip was too fast but Feng Hao didn't worry too much because his body was abnormally strong.

He has opened five acupoints, The Vitality Acupoint augmented the effect of the Heart Acupoint cussing Feng Hao body nearly unkillable!

The Earth Palace acupoint Increased Feng Hao's speed while the Sky Palace acupoint increased his explosive strength! Their effect together makes Feng Hao able to crush 5th Stage Core Formation just by slamming into him.

The Diamond Acupoint increased Feng Hao defence and made his body a nightmare for those below the 6th stage of Core Formation.

And now, after absorbing the Ice Lotus and Forming the Moon Demon Core, Feng Hao's body was strengthened more. Also, The Avatar was merged with his body which increased all of his body abilities by one fold.

Feng Hao kicked the ground and dashed toward the Woman avoiding the whip. The ice below him shattered due to the force.

The woman sneered and her other hand formed another whip.

"This is my Domain!" said the Woman as the second whip started splitting into multiple whips

Feng Hao wanted to end the fight quickly as Hui Yin is in danger.

Feng Hao roared as he slammed into the whips.

The whips shattered causing the woman to be surprised.

"You cultivate your body!" said the woman as her face fell.

To train in the Qi and Body cultivation at the same hard and to reach the Core Formation with Qi cultivation, and the third realm of Body cultivation at the same time is basically impossible!

She looked down on Feng Hao but now she had to take him seriously.

Feng Hao was like a Beast God, he destroyed the whips with his body alone and took steps heading to the woman.

The woman started forming hand seals and two ice clones formed beside her.

Feng Hao's eyes turned sharp as he saw the clones. They are quite weak in comparison to the woman but they still are her clones.

Feng Hao let the Flames explode from his body and covered the place while he covered his body with silver ice.

The woman was stunned as she saw Feng Hao form an Ice armour around his body.

No! it just a crude method copying her.

The Woman saw that Feng Hao got closer to her and face changed.

What troubled her the most is Feng Hao Silver Ice!

Even though Feng Hao cultivation in the 1st stage of Core Formation, The Silver Ice he produce felt dangerous for her! A 7th stage Core Formation Cultivator.

Finally, Feng Hao roared and caused flames to exploded behind him which launched him toward the woman.

"Dragon Subduing Palm!"

Feng Hao slapped toward the woman but her ice clones jumped in front of Feng Hao's palm and suffered the attack.

The clones shattered and the woman retreated and looked at Feng Hao with killing intent.

The woman formed another Ice clones and dashed toward Feng Hao.

Feng Hao rushed toward the woman. The woman smiled coldly as she suddenly changed position with one of the clones taking Feng Hao by surprise.

Her hands which were covered with ice armour changed into a claw and slashed at Feng Hao.

Feng Hao hurriedly took steps to avoid the attack but the woman didn't give him the chance.


The sound of a body being cut apart didn't happen as Feng Hao was sent flying. She saw that the ice claws shattered while Feng Hao body was slightly wounded. Then, The Woman face fell as she saw that the wounds in Feng Hao's body started to heal rapidly and completely disappeared in a few seconds.

Feng Hao stood up and dashed toward her again.





The woman attacked again and again but no matter what happened, Feng Hao would stand up with all of his wounds healed.

"What kind of body do you have?!" the woman was stupified at Feng Hao abilities.

"The Body your pussy yearns for!" said Feng Hao as he dashed again.

Feng Hao could only try to tire her down as she had a weird method to change position with her clones! She always escapes Feng Hao hand just before he touches her.

The Woman eyes shone with killing intent and said" I will tear that tongue of yours!".

Feng Hao ignored her and started fighting her again.

The woman felt that she would fall into Feng Hao's hands if this continues.

"Do you want to save that girl?! I can tell you" said The woman.

Feng Hao didn't stop and thought " I will suck all of your cultivation and give it to Hui Yin, this is the best method to save her".

Suddenly, the woman dashed toward the direction that Xiao Yin and Hui Yin escaped to.

Feng Hao face changed and rushed toward them.

The woman flew vastly toward the girls and saw them!

"Watch how they will die!" screamed the woman.

Feng Hao saw that she formed multiple ice flowers that shot forward and targeted the girls.

Feng Hao roared and used all of his strength to appear in front of Xiao Yin and Hui Yin.

The Ice Flowers stabbed into his body as he protected the girls.

Hui Yin looked at Feng Hao back as his body received the attacks from the woman.

Feng Hao shook his body and the ice flowers were expelled from his body with a large amount of blood.

"Young man! I will remember your face! Many people will hunt you down for me!"

"I will skin your body alive and make you watch how I will extract that girl spiritual Root!"

The Woman voice slowly faded away.

Feng Hao eyes turned sharp as the woman has escaped. He wanted to chase her and end this woman life. but, Hui Yin's cultivation became dangerously unstable.

He engraved the woman looks in his mind as he will kill her the next time he sees her.

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