5 Strange creature


He was sitting on the ground thinking after he sneaked out of Gladis's house. Fortunately for him, the street was empty.

"But this doesn't make sense. Why do I have an element? That should be an impossibility since I wasn't born as a dragon."

He lifted the reddish crystal from his pendant, looking at it with a longing look.

"What will be the answer, father? You once told me a story of dragons and many impossible creatures, but look now..."

Just remembering the image of his father a tear fell from his right green eye.


He wiped away the tear and got up from the ground. He approached the door of the house, which was half open, and prepared to enter.

"Oh, it's just you. You gave me a scare"

It was a small rabbit that was looking for some food in the area.

"Unfortunately I have nothing for you little one."

"Watch out!" The warning cry of a female voice was heard.

The gray dragon turned and saw a rocky creature, perhaps the same size as itself, with a weapon made of the same material as the creature.

Scared, he barely managed to avoid the creature. He crawled on the ground trying to run away. This event brought back a traumatic memory of his past. When he came back to himself, he only saw how the creature prepared an attack against a winged figure, which with its black claws divided the creature into four parts.

"You again."

It was the master of the shadow element, Master Senka.

"W-What was that thing?!" He asked scared. His heart was racing a thousand an hour.

Master Senka approached the young man who was lying on the ground in front of her. She reached out to her hand and helped him up.

"This is the first time I've seen one of those." Master replied "Master Lectro and Master Erde were the first to see a couple of them. They followed them and suspected that they were trying to attack this town. Based on their statements, this one here was different from the others, an inferior one." She pointed to the remains of the creature. "Please don't tell anyone about this. We don't have enough information from them yet and we want to avoid fear in the cities. Can you do it?"

"Y-Yes, I guess" He spoke shakily. His body was still trembling from the shock the creature gave him.

The gray dragon knelt with its head pressed to the ground.

"What's going on?"

"Please teach me to fight!" He begged her.

"So you agreed to apply for Master, right?" She asked with a slight smile of joy.

"It's not that ... Being a Master I see it as a great responsibility that I may not be able to carry, but I would like you to teach me to fight and control my element. Maybe those things will appear again and I do not want to be a burden! I beg, please! "

Master Senka thought of the words of the young dragon at her feet. She sighed and spoke.

"We, the Masters, are only allowed to teach basic mastery of the elements to those who wish, but to teach one as if one were a postulant... I would first have to consult this request with the Grand Master."


"Now go and sleep. Come to the capital in two days. I may already have an answer for you."

The Master spread her wings and took flight after collecting the creature's remains.

The gray dragon entered the house, carefully closing the wooden door, and returned to the room that had been temporarily provided.

He saw his hand, which was still shaking. He sat up on the bed and took a deep breath to try to calm himself.

"I'm always the one who ends up being helped ..." He said sadly.

He laid his whole body on the bed and rested his head on the pillow.

"Still hurts."

Meanwhile, in a large building in the southwest of the great capital of the continent, six adult dragons were in a large room, lit by candle lanterns, talking about the current situation in the continent.

"How did you lose track of them!?" bellowed the voice of an adult light-blue-scaled dragon and purple chest.

"We followed them to the mountains of Kralen, but they stopped emitting vibrations in my range of perception" a serious and calm dragon with green scales and golden chest replied.

"Besides that the last time Erde perceived them, it was difficult for us to maneuver in that area." added a yellow dragon with green spots and a blue chest.

The great ancient door to the room opened, revealing the figure of Master Senka. The dragoness tossed the remains into the center of the room.

"The information that Erde and Electro gave me was almost correct, but this is the only one to be found" Master Senka raised her voice for the others to hear "But it's not the same as the one described. Erde, could you rebuild the body?"

"I'll try."

From Master Erde brown eyes released an emerald glow. The creature's divided body was rebuilt, giving the creature's original form.

"At first glance, it has less armor compared to what we encountered. Let me inspect it" Master Lectro spoke. He came down from where he was and inspected the creature's rocky body with great speed, which was bestowed by his elemental power.

"Hey, wake up" the Master of the fire element whispered and moved the sleeping silver dragoness, who is the Master of the wind element.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. I had a long day." The Wind Master said as she wiped her face.

"The remains between the rocks are fragments of minerals that are not generated on the continent" informed Master Lectro to the rest of the Masters "To be exact, this type of fragment is similar to..."

"What mineral, Lectro ?!" The Ice Master, Gelio, demanded.

"Keep calm, Gelio!" The GrandMaster, the dragon possessing the fire element, raised his voice from him, turning the room into total silence, and turned his gaze to Master Lectro.

"...It's draticite."

The other Masters were surprised at such a statement that the Master of the electrical element gave.

"Impossible." the Master of the Wind spoke in surprise. Her surprise was such that her albino hair stood on end.

"Grandmaster ..." The concerned Master Lectro turned his gaze towards the older dragon, who just crossed his arms.

"We all here know where that material came from. How these creatures came to our home is a mystery." the elder dragon was thoughtful for a moment. "My conclusion is that those creatures had already been here some time ago, but we didn't detect them until now because they were hibernating."

"I would like to continue studying the creature in my office to see how old it is." Requested the yellow dragon to his superior.

"Granted. Find out as much as possible in less time. We must protect order and the next generation." The Grand Master addressed the other Masters "I will send a letter to the chiefs of the towns near the Kralen Mountains to be attentive. You can withdraw. "

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