6 Name and fly

"How will these wings work?" The gray dragon wondered looking at the two large gray wings and blue membrane on his back.

He felt weird. Having two wings on his back that jutted out of his upper garment. What he felt when he moved his wings was the same as the movement that one makes with his arms, but at the same time different.

He got up from the bed and spread his wings. He was surprised at how large his wings could be when being deployed.

"Are bigger than I thought." He thought when looking at his wings "But how can I fly?"

He decided to leave the room and look for Gladis to help him.

Upon reaching the main room of the house, he found two bags that seemed to contain a lot of things. He soon came across Gladis with a third smaller bag.

"What is all that?" He asked Gladis.

"For those who do not live in the Capital, the Masters give a room for applicants. I will leave tomorrow. I want to enjoy my time here today." The dragoness replied, "By the way, could you remember your name?"

Shortly before settling on how to fly with his wings, he had thought of a suitable name for a gray dragon-like himself. He relied on the very color of his scales, which had a color very close to that of ash.

"Well... Its Ashes." He answered.

Gladis gave a little laugh.

"Is there something wrong with my name?"

"It's not that. It's that your name would suit a fire dragon better." Gladis replied. "So Ashes, do you have something in mind?"

"I want you to teach me how to use this..." He said nervously as he extended a wing.

"Fly? I don't think it's that difficult. We go to the practice camp because don't allow flying in urban areas."

Both dragons left the house and walked to the exit of the village.

It was an area without the presence of grass, there were only dirt and wooden mannequins.

"Well first spread your wings and flap them first. It's a warm-up exercise."

Ashes nodded. He began to move his wings and stayed like that until he could no longer move wings.

"Did you like the warm-up?" She asked him while she laughing a little "Now comes the strong."

"Strong? give me a break" Ashes said "Really my wings got numb" he thought.

"So, did you accept Master Senka's proposal?" Gladis asked.

"Uhm... Something like that. I'll go tomorrow" He replied.

He avoided talking about what happened the night before.

"Tomorrow? You can come with me. I will cheer you on." Gladis spoke with a smile.

Ashes looked away. He didn't know how to ask what he had in mind.

"Gladis, why are you so friendly with me?"

Gladis lowered her head, feeling a bit saddened by such a question. There was silence for a few moments.

"I ..." she sighed "I feel like you're the first friend I've had in a long time. You're the only one, besides my parents, who haven't made fun of my dream."

"I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that."

Ashes regretted asking that question. He hurt to sadden someone so kind to him.

"Don't worry." She spoke with a slight smile. "Let's just forget this happened." She wiped away what appeared to be a tear from her right eye "Let's continue with the practice."


"Now you just have to jump and do the same as the previous exercise. Look"

Gladis jumped on herself and flapped her wings, allowing her to rise a few inches.

Ashes tried to do the same. He jumped and flapped his wings as fast as he could, but he accomplished nothing and just ended up on the ground.

"The movement of the wings should not be so fast, otherwise you will lose your stability. Try to make a calm movement" Gladis recommended to Ashes.

So Ashes were practicing for a few hours. His only achievement had been to rise to the same height Gladis had reached while teaching him, but he fell hard against the ground from exhaustion. If it weren't for his dragon scales, that blow would have hurt more than it was.

"One more try."

Ashes jump up and flapped his wings. He had managed to stay in the air longer this time and descended without crashing in the attempt.

"Well, how does it feel?" Gladis asked with a smile.

"Great!" He exclaimed a happy and tired Ashes.

After saying that, the stomachs of the two dragons rang. It was time to go for the food.

"My mother left silver coins to buy meats in the town market since we ran out of supplies. Let's go."


As the two young dragons went for their meal for the day, a dragon with yellow scales and green spots was investigating the body of a rocky creature in his office. Master Lectro opened books and books that were on his shelves with incredible speed to somehow find the time that the creature possesses.

The Master sighed. Among his vast number of books that he owned, he found none that contained information.

"Compared to the drawings on the rocks, the most I can deduce is that they are more than four centuries old but ... In that case, these creatures have existed since the lost era." He walked over to a tray on a small table. "Draticite can only be found on the continent of Forbudt, which is prohibited to anyone and the last time that mineral was seen was in the invasion twenty years ago."

Next, he took out a book containing the reports of earthquakes.

"Two months ago the earth shook in such a way that it caused a great fissure in the Great Valley, which caused some of the magma below the earth to leak out and required the assistance of two Masters. So ..." He recalled that some had a core of fire. "If I'm not mistaken, part of the magma that seeped through the earth must have fallen and awakened them, but something doesn't add up. Magma is supposed to melt everything it touches, so why didn't it kill them?" That last fact was questioned. . "Something is missing. An ancient book that must be hidden in the great library or some lost scroll ... What a headache!"

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