17 False reality

"The crystal ..." The masked man spoke. He tensed all his muscles again to initiate his movements, but his body froze before he could jump.

There was a black glow in green eyes of Ashes. He had activated his own technique shadow grab, thus immobilizing the body of his enemy.

"What is this?" The masked man questioned, confused at the elemental technique that had been used against him as if it was the first time he had faced this "...!" he felt his bones being crushed.

Ashes slightly raised his hand, which was stained black, and slowly closed it. As Ashes's fist clenched, the pressure on the shadow grip increased. But just as the fist was about to clench completely, a whip grabbed the hand with which Ashes was maintaining his technique.

"Now, boss!" The one who carried the whip spoke. It was a female voice, belonging to an individual of a race similar to panthers.


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