4 An unknown world P-2

"And what is that 'capital'?" The gray-scale dragon asked.

"It is a great city where all races coexist; you can also find the main headquarters where you can aspire to the title of 'Elemental Master'. I made the registration, since they are looking for applicants, and I am waiting for the answer." There was emotion on her face just thinking of an acceptance.


"They are the pillars of order on the continent. They are the highest potential elemental power among the dragons; they are guided and supervised by the Grand Master." A gleam of emotion flashed in her eyes "I aspire to be like one of them."


"Do you want to know what element you have?" She asked "Here in town there is a place to practice. From your looks, I would say that you are of the wind element."

The grayscale dragon tried to get up from the bed and with a little effort, he was able to lift his upper body and rotate his legs so that he could stand up fully. He staggered to his feet and was about to lose his balance if it weren't for the light blue dragoness, who had caught him before he fell.

"You want to discover that, right?"

"Heh." He gave a slight smile.

She helped him walk holding him with one hand on the gray dragon's chest. So it was until reaching the exit of the house.

When both dragons came out of the house, the gray-scale dragon saw several wood houses and creatures of different races: wolves, cheetahs, and other felines, in addition to the few dragons that were walking in the street.

"Wow..." He was in awe of the number of anthropomorphic creatures in the area.

There were multiple stalls along the long street of the town, selling mostly meat, fruits, and vegetables, and a few selling children's products.

"Incredible, isn't it? The town is an intermediate point to get to the capital. The merchants stay here in passing and take advantage of selling part of their products here." she explained, "It is also a tourist place for the hot springs area."

"And that practice place is...."

"It's on the outskirts of town to avoid accidents, which has already happened. Let's go."

The dragoness helped the gray dragon walk to the outskirts of town. He, who was impressed by the street and the creatures who pass, among those some dragons that were about twice his size, it was clear that they were adult dragons.

"This is all very impressive. I never imagined seeing something like this in my life." He thought "But how did I end up being a dragon? Why do I get these headaches when I try to remember? Anyway, maybe being one is not so bad, but ... how will my mother and my brother be."

"Is something wrong?" She asked seeing the sad expression on the gray dragon's face. "I notice you a little down."

"Eh? It's nothing. Did we get to that place yet?"

"We are already close." She pointed to a field that had a few wooden mannequins. "No way!" She exclaimed with great emotion.

Not far from them, a black-scaled, purple-chest dragoness had just landed, apparently middle-aged. She wore high-quality clothing along with a sleeveless leather vest.

"What's going on?" He asked puzzled.

"It is Master Senka, the master of the shadow element!"

"She does adore those Masters." He thought.

When the black-scaled dragoness reached the same position as the two young dragons and upon seeing the light blue-scaled dragoness, she turned to her and greeted her.

"It is an honor to see you again, Master Senka." She saluted looking into the black dragoness's purple eyes.

"Gladis, ¿right?"

"Yes." She answered trying to contain the emotion

"I come as a representative of the Masters' council. After reaching a conclusion about your performance in the admission test for a candidate to the position of the successor, we, with the most important vote of Maestro Gelio, as you are equal in element, was reached approval." She placed her right hand on the ice dragoness's right shoulder. "Congratulations. From now on you are a candidate for the Master title."

Gladis smiled from side to side. In an impulsive act, she hugged the elemental teacher. Gladis, realizing her act, turned away from the master with red cheeks with shame.

"E-Excuse me for such act, Master."

"Don't worry. I don't mind these kinds of acts." Master Senka spoke with a smile. She turned her gaze to the companion, staring at the gray dragon. "And what happened to you?" She asked him with a concerned tone.

"I ..." He was nervous to reply to the black dragoness, taller than him in height by ahead.

"We found him three days ago when the storm caught us. He had a head injury and my mother treated him. He woke up recently and doesn't remember anything." Gladis answered for him. "Now we were on our way to the practice field because he wants to know what the element possesses."

"I see. It's a shame what happened to you, young man." The Master turned a gentle gaze to the gray dragon. "You want to know the element, huh? At first look, you look like a descendant of the wind element, but let's look at your real element. I'll teach you how to find out."

"Seriously?" The gray dragon asked.

"Yes. As an Elemental Master, one of my duties is to help the elemental development of young dragons." Senka replied. "As a first step, close your eyes."

He obeyed Master Senka's order.

"Now focus your mind. Let the elemental energy flow throughout your body. Focus it on one point and let it out."

The gray dragon was little time to feel something inside him. He concluded that it was the energy that Master spoke about. He focused the energy on her mouth and breathed out a slight black breath.

A smile formed on Master Senka's scaled face.

"Shadow. I haven't seen another with the same element as me in a long time."

"Master Senka, does that mean ..." Gladis spoke.

"Exactly. We shadow dragons are on the verge of extinction, and I would like someone to apply to be Master of my element. "The Master said something sadly" Tell me, young dragon, do you want to apply?

"I ..." The gray dragon was undecided "I'll think about it."

"That would be all for now. I will await your reply in the Capital." After that, she addressed Gladis "And you, young dragoness, I wish you good luck."

And with that said, Master Senka spread her black wings and crimson membrane, flapped them, and took flight.




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