2 0 - To you, some years in the future

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The cold winds hit the trees of the forest, which contained a small handful of leaves hanging from their branches. The moonlit up the night from its highest point. And silence reigned all over the place.

The figure of an anthropomorphic dragon with gray scales and dark blue breast rose from the ground. He looked at his sides to see where he was. After seeing his directions, appreciating the place with a look of nostalgia, he thought.

"After so long, I've come back."

He wore a brown top garment shirt, blue pants, a cloak that could cover him from head to knees, and a reddish crystal hanging from his neck. In addition to a very noticeable scar that crossed his right eye, an eye that in his time was a beautiful emerald color but that now had a tone approximate to white.

"I haven't changed much." He thought as he examined his body "But I wonder, how long has it been since that... huh?"

The cry of fear of a childish voice, not far away, rising from the place, interrupting the thoughts of the gray dragon, who turned his gaze in the direction from which the cry came.

"What's a kid doing in these places?" He wondered when he saw the kid run towards him.

The little one was a dragoness of orange scales. She was wearing a white short-sleeved top garment shirt and light brown pants.

"Help, please!" The girl was screaming in the direction of the gray-scaled dragon. When she arrived with him, the girl hid behind his legs.

The gray dragon looked away from the girl and he concentrated on the heavy footsteps that shook the ground, which came from the same direction as the little girl. He looked up only to meet a large troll, three heads taller than him, with a large wooden mallet.

"She's my prey, you winged beast, aside, or I'll kill you!"

The big troll spoke menacingly. He lifted his large wooden mallet and kept it in the air waiting for the flake's response.

"*Sigh* I didn't want to do this..." He whispered with his eyes away from the troll.

"What did you say?!" Claimed.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do that." He said firmly looking at the troll, "Kid, cover your eyes."

The gray dragon tensed his right hand and his claws were dyed a black color. At a high speed, he pierced the troll's abdomen, causing the troll to spit blood. Amazed, but seeing the opportunity to attack the dragon, he speeded down his weapon in the direction of the scaled head, but simply encountered a trail of black smoke.

"What?!" The troll exclaimed when he saw that his target disappeared "Where have you gone-?!"

His words were interrupted by an agonizing drowning cry. The grey dragon was with his arm outstretched, with his attack already performed. Four deep cuts could be seen all over his thick troll neck.

"¡Im- po...!"

The troll had a hard time pronouncing the words. Slowly he drowned with his purple blood until he fell to the ground dying.

The gray dragon turned its back on the troll's dead body, throwing the blood in his hand to the ground. He walked past the dragoness kid and addressed her.

"He won't follow us anymore. Follow me. I'm sure there'll be more of those around here. And don't look back."

"O-Okay" The girl answered as she took her little hands out of her eyes.

The minutes passed, and both dragons found a good place on the outskirts of the great forest to camp.

The grey dragon had been gathering branches to make a small campfire. He had borrowed her his black cloak that covered her so that the girl would not suffer so cold at night.

The silence lasted until the girl decided to speak.

"Mister, thank you for helping me."

The gray dragon looked up from the fire and responded.

"No problem girl, but why is someone your age around these places?"

The little orange dragon looked down and answered.

"We were on a school field trip when I got off the trail and I got lost." Tears came out of his eyes "I

was very afraid because I did not know how to return and I found that mister saying that he would

take me home ..." Referring to the troll "But he was about to take me to another place."

"I see ... You've been through a bad time" He was silent for a few moments "Sorry if I ask you this

right now, but how long has it been since the last war?"

The girl wiped the tears from her eyes and answered the gray dragon's question.

"* Sniff * About ten years have passed, mister."

His gaze stayed on the campfire as if something in his memories bothered him.

"Kid, go to sleep. Tomorrow I will take you home." She spoke without looking up.


"Yes...Go to sleep."

The girl settled on the grass and covered herself with the cloak the gray dragon had lent her, while

he stared into the fire.

"It's been ten years with, huh?"

He was thoughtful for several seconds and then looked up at the night sky, full of bright stars.

His gaze grew nostalgic, remembering all the good and bad times that had passed since he first came to this great world.

"I didn't think it had been so long since that day. The good thing is that everything is over ... I wonder how they are ... How is she ..."


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