The Path He Chose Is Revenge: An Idol Once Again Book

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The Path He Chose Is Revenge: An Idol Once Again


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Choi Daniel is average in every aspect. Even though he knows this he still auditioned to be an idol trainee! But wait? He got accepted!? And wait.. He is going to debut in a 5 member group! Daniel was too excited to notice the real reason why the entertainment company used an average man as one of the members of their upcoming group. The idol group members are talented and above average unlike Daniel. After the group debuted using the name 'Heaven'. Scandals to mountains of scandals suddenly popped out of nowhere. All of them are about Choi Daniel. They all weren't even real! What is happening? After Daniel knew the truth it was too late already. He died and couldn't even take revenge on the people who harmed him. They took advantage of Daniel and used him as an exposure for the group. They all thought Daniel couldn't take revenge or do anything now that he is dead. But who would of thought that a famous rookie that appeared is Daniel?! He got reincarnated into a handsome young master of the wealthy Lee family. Xander Lee is talented, handsome and extraordinary in all aspects. Now Choi Daniel is in this body! Do you want to find out Choi Daniel and Xander Lee's revenge?


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