16 Ranking

"By the way, my name is Haruno Ayato, may I ask..."

After getting acquainted with him slightly, Haruno Ayato, who had no impression of Sasaki at all, asked his name with some embarrassment.

After all, it had been more than a month since school started, and it was really rude that he couldn't even remember the names of his classmates.

But he did remember that the seat behind him had always been empty… until today…

"Sasaki Fuyumi, I was on a long leave due to some family issues, so today is technically my first day in class."

After repeating the previous reasons again, Sasaki Fuyumi looked at the boy's shy and girlish posture, and seemed to understand why those hot girls were close to him.

After all, for those girls who seemed bored, there was nothing more interesting than bullying a boy who looked weak and looked like a girl.

But those girls weren't too bad; they didn't go too far, and he didn't bother to do anything unnecessary.

Just like this, he and Haruno Ayato were talking nonsense, and the classmates in the class gradually gathered as time passed.

And Sasaki Fuyumi also met his deskmate.

She had smooth, waist-length pink hair, adorned simply with two blue hairbands tying it into twin tails, making her look very beautiful and cute.

Her face was just as Sasaki Fuyumi had anticipated: a small, delicate, and cute palm-sized face, with beautiful rose-red eyes sparkling like jewels.

Although her figure was not as slim as the one sitting in front of him, she was still fuller than her peers.

She was a rare, beautiful girl.

It's just that her aura of 'keep out' to all strangers made her somewhat unapproachable, but this seemed to apply only to boys...

Glancing at the girls surrounding her, Sasaki Fuyumi had just come to a conclusion when Haruno Ayato, noticing his gaze, the latter straightened up and quietly introduced his deskmate to Sasaki.

"Her name is Yasui Sara, and she is one of the top honors students in the class. It's just that even though she's very cute, she's not highly ranked in the 'Most Wanted to be a Girlfriend' list in our class."

Listening to the whispered introduction in his ear, Sasaki looked a little strange.

"The top student sitting in the last row?"

Due to the thinking he had since his previous life that 'everyone sitting in the back row is a poor student,' he subconsciously thought her grades weren't good when he saw her for the first time.

Sensing the oddity in Sasaki's words, Haruno Ayato, who didn't have many friends at school due to his personality and appearance, was more than willing to answer questions from the boy, who seemed indifferent to his appearance and character.

"There is a reason for this. I heard that she wanted to help her childhood sweetheart study and improve his grades, so she volunteered to sit in the last row."

"Look, that's her deskmate sitting next to her, Miwa Itsuki." Fearing Sasaki might not know who her childhood friend was, the boy specifically pointed him out.

And the latter also noticed another deskmate of Yasui Sara.

It was a boy with a handsome face, although not as good as Sasaki Fuyumi, but still a rare good-looking guy.

He wasn't bulky but was quite tall, approximately 179 cm at a glance.

But Sasaki just looked at it out of curiosity and didn't pay too much attention to other people's affairs.

What attracted his attention more was the so-called ranking of 'the girlfriend everyone most wants to have', as mentioned by Haruno Ayata.

Facing this more secretive ranking, unknown to girls and only to boys.

The boy looked around and found that, except for some girls who were paying attention to Sasaki, none of them could hear the conversation here, so he explained in a low voice secretly.

"This ranking is from an anonymous vote by the boys in class B. Since all the boys participated, it is very convincing."

Adjusting his posture and taking advantage of the few minutes before class, Haruno Ayato, who had a feminine appearance but a masculine mindset, enthusiastically introduced the girls to Sasaki Fuyumi.

"That girl over there with the hydrangea hair clip and purple long hair is ranked seventh, Shinomiya Natsuha."

"The girl in the very front of our row, with the twin tails and petite figure, is ranked third, Hoshino Kotori."

"The girl named Yasui Sarada we were talking about is ranked eighth.

The girl with an explosive figure who just talked to you is Chifuyu Tsukimi, who is ranked first.

You should know this one.

The girl sitting on the far right, inside, is ranked fourth, Sunohara Shizuka."

Following the boy's fingers, Sasaki rested his arms on the desk, straightened his back, and looked at the girls he was talking about.

He has to say, although there were only a little over fifty students in this class, the quality of the girls was really high.

The few girls pointed out by Haruno Ayato were all exceptionally beautiful.

Not only that, except for Hoshino Kotori, who he said was ranked third, with a flat figure, the others were all gigantic and were comparable to or even surpassed Otome's...

Sasaki, in a happy mood, admired the beautiful girls and felt that his student life would not be too boring.

After all, seeing such eye-catching girls every day in class was like striking oil in the backyard—a very pleasant thing.

"What are the standards for this ranking? It seems hard to differentiate them in terms of beauty, and also... that flat-chested... no, why is that loli ranked so high? Don't tell me the boys in this class..."

After looking around carefully, Sasaki Fuyumi found that each of the girls had their own merits, and it was quite difficult to distinguish them simply based on their appearance, after all, they were all equally cute.

But if body shape is also taken into consideration, then that flat-chested loli shouldn't be ranked so high.

Of course, if the strike zone of some boys in the class happens to be in this area, then he has nothing to say.

But the boys in the entire class should not be that kind of pervert, right?

Slightly turning his body and taking another glance at Hoshino Kotori, who wore a school uniform but didn't look like a high school student, Sasaki Fuyumi suddenly felt out of place, as if they were from different worlds because of their XP.

He also felt that anyone who likes Hoshino Kotori, should be dragged into squatting for three years.

Although it would be unfair to take them one by one, skipping every other one would surely miss some.

Feeling the gaze of Sasaki Fuyumi, who looked at him as if he were a pervert, Haruno Ayato blushed, quickly waved his hands, and leaned in to whisper urgently in his ear for his defense.

"Don't, don't look at me like that, I'm not that kind of person."

"Rankings are based on many aspects, not just appearance and figure. Among other things, one of the evaluation criteria is personality."

"If you want to choose a girlfriend, or want to pursue a girl, it must not be someone who hates boys or has a cold personality."

"Among the candidates, only Tsukimi-san, Hoshino-san and Sunohara-san's characters meet this standard.

Although Tsukimi-san is timid and shy and rarely talks to boys, she is not exclusive.

Although Hoshino-san is often alone, and taciturn, but she does not show any obvious dislike for boys.

Sunohara-san is like a normal girl. Although she does not get close to boys, she does not directly reject any communication."

"Although Shinomiya-san and Yasui-san are both cute, they both have childhood sweethearts, which is a major negative point.

Moreover, they are both a bit indifferent to boys other than their childhood sweethearts, so their rankings are not very high."

Having quickly explained the reasons until the boy's pervert-staring gaze faded away, Haruno Ayato finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After hearing his explanation, Sasaki nodded slightly, and then a new doubt emerged in his heart.

"Isn't the number of people a bit mismatched? I see that there aren't many beautiful girls in the class. Who are ranked second, fifth, and sixth? There are not a lot of people in the class, right?"

Sasaki looked around the class again and found no other bright girls, then turned his head and looked at Haruno Ayato, who had a strange look on his face.

"How should I put this... It's because the teachers were also included." Scratching his face, the latter responded in a low voice as if he was ashamed of the boys in the class.

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