1 Chapter 1 - Haunting Dreams

{Basic details -

Alpha male and female - They are the leaders of the pack. They are the pack’s most vital wolves and take all the crucial decisions. Alpha females are also called luna.

Beta male and female (second in command) - They are second in command. In case alphas are unavailable, betas are given the responsibility of the pack. They are responsible for the border’s safety along with alphas.

Gamma male and female (third in command)- They are responsible for training pack warriors and pups.

Delta male and female (fourth in command) - They are responsible for sorting the internal conflicts of the pack. If the matter becomes complicated, alphas have to look into them.

Omega - They are the lowest-ranking wolves responsible for cooking, cleaning, and other activities. Generally, omegas also study medicine or become pack’s warriors after proper studying and training.

Packhouse - It is a place where those wolves live, who are not living with their parents or are orphans. Few of the alpha families also live in packhouses.

Mate - A mate is a soul mate of a werewolf. When werewolves turn 18, they can find their mate by sniffing their scents if their mates are nearby. They can confirm whether someone is their mate or not by eye contact or the sparks that they feel when they touch each other.

Rogue - The banished wolfs who have committed heinous crimes to get expelled from their packs.

Chapter 1 - Haunting dreams


{A man is fiercely shoving things in a small bag and is continuously giving instructions to a crying female who is desperately trying to stop him.

“Please, don’t do this. I will die without you” she tried to stop him, but he ignored her and tried to hide his tears from her.

“We don’t have any options. If you do not leave, they will kill all of us” he tried to reason with her while continuing his work.

“I am not leaving you,” she shouted at him and, after taking the bag from him, threw it to the side. She tried to control her tears and grabbed his collar. “You can’t do this to me... to us, we are not leaving you alone here to die. If we are going to run, you are also accompanying us; if not, we have no issue dying with you. We are not afraid of dying,” she said, and finally, he gave up and hugged her for his dear life and cried hard.

“Please, princess, don’t make it hard for me. You have to run for our baby; they will kill him. You know that they are hunting all of us down, please run... please” he was merely able to whisper this when they heard several footsteps coming towards their house. He left her, grabbed the bag, and gave it to her. “Please, princess, run... run as fast as you can and promise me that you will not come back for me,” he pleaded to her in desperation.

“But.” Before she could say something, he grabbed her waist and kissed her profoundly, pouring all his love for her into it.

“Promise me, princess” his desperation and pain are evident in his eyes. No matter what she wanted to say or do. She already knew she had no choice but to run away from here. She nodded, and he finally gave her the same dazzling smile that always made her feel safe and happy.

“Run, sweetheart ... don’t forget I love both of you,” he said, and with a quick peck on her lips, he opened the house’s back door. “Take care, princess...” She could hear his last words when he closed the door behind her. She wiped her tears and did as he said to her.

She ran a few kilometers on foot as the herbs he had sprayed on her could not conceal the scent of her wolf form. After a few more kilometers of running, she felt the searing pain in her chest, like someone pierced a dagger through her heart and stabbed it several times. She howled in pain and agony as she knew what it was.... it was the pain of breaking the mate bond.

More tears pooled in her eyes as she knew what it indicated; her mate was dead now... she wanted nothing more than to turn and run back to her mate, but she couldn’t break the promise. She is not going to waste her mate’s life.

As she crossed the borders, she felt every bond snapping from her pack, but instead of stopping, she shifted into her wolf and ran as fast as possible. Her sight is blurred from the tears, but she is attentive enough to sense and hear everything around her... BEEP...BEEP... she ran away when her mate wanted her the most... BEEP... her wolf is also in pain, but she is running for her pup... BEEP...she heard a few growls around her, but before she understood what was happening... BANG...}


Aadhya’s POV -

“Nooooooo,” ... I woke up from the dream while screaming and frantically looked around. I am still in my bed, my alarm is beeping on the side table, and I am covered in sweat. I looked outside through the window. It is still dark, but when you have to prepare the training ground for 200 wolves before 4 am, then you have to wake up at 3 ... don’t you? {duties of being an omega...}

I took a deep breath, my heart was still racing from the weird dream I had, but like every other time, it was still a blur. I got up from my bed, walked inside the attached bathroom, splashed water on my face, and brushed my teeth. Then I walked towards the cupboard and grabbed one of my hoodies and lower, tied my hair in a tight bun, and went outside the pack house. I directly went towards the training ground where our gamma was already present with some other omegas and warriors of our pack and was giving instructions. As soon as he looked at me, he gave me the work.

“Aadhya, go and clean the weapons” I nodded and went towards the arsenal, just opposite our pack house. I grabbed the knives, swords, and other weapons and started cleaning them.

I came into the blue moon pack with my parents when I was eight. They are the beta couple of this pack. I was born in India, and as weird as it sounds, I was a premature baby. Werewolf pregnancy is six months and is very tough for all females, but having a premature baby is something no werewolf heard of. So, when I was born, there was a ninety-nine percent chance that I would not survive, but my grandma is one fierce lady.

She took me as a challenge and told my mom to leave me to her. My mom left me with my grandma, who lived there in a human settlement, and that’s how I spent the most beautiful 8 years of my life. After that, my parents took me to America, and my grandma shifted with her son in his pack in Australia... (I haven’t met him in my whole life) ... In the beginning, living with werewolves was very fascinating for me. It was like I landed in a fantasy story, but everything is not a fairy tale, especially for a human like me who is living with werewolves.

Werewolves have stronger senses than humans. Their eyesight, hearing, and smelling sense are ten times more potent than a human, and here the problem came. Despite being the daughter of two strong werewolves, I am a normal human. Truth be told, my eyesight is worse than a human... {yeah, you guessed it right, I wear specks}.

My friend Layla says everything has a different scent, but I am again different in this case too. I don’t have a scent, even humans also have some smell, but I did not have any scent... so I have to use the liquid that mom gave me so that I can also have some smell and can’t be treated as an outcast, but she can’t help me in it when I was different in everything.

When a werewolf turns 14 years, he has his first shift, and though it is excruciating, it opens the door to many superior strengths in their body. Shifting opens the mind link of a person, he can use this mind link and talk with any person in the pack, and once they turn 18 years old, they can find their mates. As I am a human, I can’t mind link anyone, and no werewolf in history has had a human mate, so my chances of having a mate are nil.

Ten years ago, my parents died in a rogue attack, and after that, I was demoted to the rank of omega. As an outcast and orphan, I was always the target of bullies. They never hurt me physically, but their sinister remarks and way of showing ‘my place’ is enough to break me mentally.

“Good morning chubby” I heard Matt’s voice. I looked at him and found him picking the weapons. Matt is the pack’s warrior and is the same age as mine. He is one of the few who treated me like a pack member and not some burden.

“I am not chubby now” I argued and extended a clean sword toward him. He chuckled and took it from my hand.

“I am always going to call you chubby,” he gave me a smug look... “And you also know it, CHUBBYYYY” I smiled at his teasing “now come outside, gamma Alexander called everyone,” he said to me and tried to take more weapons.

“I will take the rest,” I told him, and he hummed and walked outside the arsenal.

I took the remaining weapons and went to the training ground, where others were gathered. We dropped the weapons on their spot and joined our respective groups. Matt went towards the other warriors, and I went towards Layla, who was looking like a zombie. Layla is my only friend other than matt. She is delta’s daughter, but it doesn’t mean she is mean to me like other high-ranking wolves. She never judged me; she accepted me as I am.

Layla, just like every werewolf, is incredible. She has shoulder-length brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, toned body and good height of 5’8” and you can say that we are very different in appearance, while her brown hairs are straight my black ones are more on the curlier side, I have black eyes and well my height is 5’6”. I also have a toned body, but how can I compete with a werewolf in this matter?

“Good morning, Layla...” I greeted her, and as soon as she heard me, a faint smile came on her face, and she hugged me and slumped onto me.

“Good morning, addy,” she mumbled and snuggled into me.

“Come on, Layla, get up; it’s time to train,” I tried to wake her up. She hummed but did not move. I can feel her sleep again as her breaths are getting even slower. I rolled my eyes at her antics and took a deep breath. I put my arms on her waist and started to tickle her, which made her wide awake within two minutes.

“You are a bitch addy” she cursed me while trying to catch her breath.

“I am not denying it” I gave her an innocent smile.

“Ten rounds of the ground, you have fifteen minutes... quick,” we heard gamma Alexander’s voice. Layla groaned in irritation but finally complied; with it, our day started with so much sweat.

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