2 It's an eastern fantasy

'Ding' "Congratulations host for reaching level 10. Host is now eligible to try one random roll."

'Random roll? What's that?'

"A random roll, is a game of chance, depending on the roll the host can get different prizes."

'Whatever then do the random roll'

'Ding' "Congratulations host, random roll prize telekinesis x 40 (M*b Psycho 100 skill tree)"

Nice, with these skills I might make the first village I find, piss their pants. Still this body that the system gave me, the one I created is actually so nice. I actually look like Ragna... Well for now I really am Ragna.

After a few hours of walking, Ragna finally saw a town. From a distance Ragna saw the town looked like those starting towns in RPG's. On getting closer to the town, Ragna noticed that the town was a mish mash of eastern and western style houses, the one that looked most out of place was a western style mansion on a little hill overlooking the town.

The first thing I need to do is find a way to make money, I haven't eaten anything aside from rabbit meat for the past two days. I would also like to sleep in an actual bed, sleeping under the stars sounds romantic and all, but its f*cking uncomfortable.

Once Ragna got near the gate of the town, someone wearing some sort of leather armor approached him. The man stood in front of Ragna, seeing he was a head taller than Ragna, that would mean he was above six feet in height.

"Who are you?" The man said almost snarling.

What do I do? It's been awhile since I talked to another person... Wait have I ever talked to another person aside from family? I've been inside my room for a long time, I don't know what to say.

"I said who are you?" While in deep thought the man asked Ragna the same question this time sounding a bit more irritated.

Shit! What to do I do?... Fine since I have the O.P system, and I look like Ragna, I might as well talk like him.

"How about you shut up, before I give you another hole to breath through." Ragna said glaring at the man.

The man was bewildered by the response and shouted "What did you say you bastard!" The man extended his hand trying to grab Ragna's jacket, but before he could do so, blo*dedge was already pointing at the man's neck.

"Do you really wanna die?" Hearing the freezing tone of Ragna, and the tip of the blade at his neck, the man started to shiver inside.

"What do you want?"

"Finally talking like a human, I just want to go into town and find a job, why do you need to block me." Deep inside Ragna felt relief seeing how he was playing as the real Ragna. The man on the other hand was screaming inside, 'the f*ck is wrong with you, how would I know you never answered my question, and started cursing at me.'

"If that's what you want to do, can you show me your identification papers?"

"I came from a very rural place, and got lost, I have neither money nor those identification papers."

The guard wanted to shout for help, but he knew once he did that he would be dead.

"Ok then, can you please remove your sword from my neck, and let's take a sit inside my station over there."

Ragna lowered his weapon, the guard sighed in relief and led Ragna into a room with a table and two chairs. They sat face to face, and restarted their conversation.

"So you came to town looking for a job?"

"That's right, I got nothing to my name. So you know where can I get a job?"


"Hey you why did you go quiet?"

The guard looked at Ragna as if he were a crazy person.

"I don't know where you can get a job, but with your strength, if your below twenty you can join a sect. At least there you'll grow stronger and have food to eat, as well as a roof over your head."

'I see so it's that kind of world, eastern fantasy... If I join a sect I'll be able to show them how O.P I am so that I can get O.P points.'

"So where can I join, or more like how can I join?"

"You're in luck the heavenly sword sect is conducting a test for new disciples. The test will be held tomorrow. Just go to this location tomorrow, and try your luck." The guard handed Ragna with a makeshift map of the town and circled the area where the test will be conducted.

"Thanks..." After talking Ragna was about to leave, and head out of town.

"Where are you going aren't you going into town?" The guard looked at Ragna confused.

"Like I said, I got no money, I'll be camping out until the test." The guard looked at Ragna and sighed, he took something from his pocket and threw it at Ragna.

Ragna caught it on reflex, it was a gold coin.

"With that gold coin you can get a place to sleep and a decent meal." Ragna looked at the guard and smiled.

"Heh, you're a pretty nice guy.... Hey what's your name?"

"Wei Long."

"I'll be sure to pay you back." Ragna then entered the town.

"What a weird guy." Wei Long, even after everything that happened to him, just shrugged it off. 'That will surely cause trouble, but he doesn't seem all that bad. If he wanted to, he could have killed me, a lot of times. He was looking at me, waiting for me to strike. Every time I thought of attacking, I saw him grip his sword. That guy really was interesting.'

Ragna headed toward an inn and booked a room, there where a bunch of people staring at him, as he headed toward his room. The aspiring disciples of the heavenly sword sect were looking at another rival.

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