The Orc With A Heart Book

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The Orc With A Heart


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story is featured in middle earth, many thousands of years ago, at a time where there was Orcs, goblins, dwarves, elves, humans, and dragons. This particular case, is simply between a war that raged on with orcs and humans, that seemed to have lasted for several millennia. Orcs and humans never seemed to get along with one another, and they always seemed to be in war with them selves. As an army of humans go to take over some land that is owned by orcs, they destroy the entire city, as it is over run by humans. In one the houses, there laid a baby orc, so young that it had not even opened its eyes just yet. Its mother and father had gone out to defend their city from the attack that was led by the humans, leaving him alone inside the hut. After the attack is over, and just about every orc is left dead, one of the humans goes in to a specific hut, to see what he can loot in there. Whilst in there, he sees the young orc, as he was nearly about to kill it, until he can't help but feel guilty, by seeing the look in the eyes of the baby orc. Since he realizes that his wife can not have children, he figures that he may as well bring one back for the both of them to raise together. In a big of a strange story, about an orc that is raised by a family of humans, watch how the orc grows up, seeing a lot of ugly looks from a lot of people when he goes out in public. The orc is confused as to what it is that is so wrong with him...


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