The Orb of Worlds without Limits: Alice in Borderland

Jacob, a young man burdened by tragedy and adversity, discovers a magical orb in his darkest moment of despair. This discovery sets off a chain of events that will lead him to uncover unimaginable things and embark on a perilous journey filled with dangers and revelations. After experiencing an unjust betrayal, Jacob finds himself immersed in despair and darkness. But one day, while wandering through the forgotten corners of his tiny world, he stumbles upon a mysterious glowing orb that emanates supernatural energy. Known as "The Orb of Worlds without Limits," the orb grants Jacob the ability to travel to different worlds and unlocks unknown knowledge within him. In his quest to uncover the truth behind the orb and his own purpose, Jacob encounters a truth he never could have expected. Throughout his travels, Jacob will experience otherworldly encounters and learn to appreciate his own existence in ways he never thought possible. [Make your choice!] "[... World A: The Hunger Games Difficulty level: 3 ... World B: Apollo 18 Difficulty level: 4 ... World C: Blood Red Sky Difficulty level: 3 ... World D: Sweet Home Difficulty level: 5

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Hello everyone

Hello everyone, this is important to read before writing a 1-star review complaining about the introduction of 11 chapters about the protagonist's backstory.

First of all, in my previous stories, I received a lot of criticism for creating protagonists without emotions, flat and lacking empathy. This time, in this new novel, I wanted to focus more on the protagonist's story beyond the world or the events around him.

What happens to his world when he travels to others?

I don't remember writing this point incorrectly, but his original world stops exactly where and when the protagonist traveled to another world through the limitless orb of worlds.

The backstory, many say it's tiresome and I understand that. It's a fanfiction where everyone expects a journey to another world almost immediately. However, for those who appreciate well-developed stories, they will love or not pay much attention to the beginning of this novel.

Why didn't I resolve the problem of the "prologue" story before traveling to The Hunger Games world?

This is simple. I wanted to give the protagonist a sense and purpose. He wanted to leave his reality, he was broken by his accumulated emotions in his mind, body, and actions.

Being in such a bad state, this creates the purpose of going to another world at the exact moment when the orb appears in front of him.

So, what is the point of the backstory?

(You will understand this approximately in chapters 50-60 that I have already written, but I will explain my reasoning)

Much simpler, in The Hunger Games, Jacob doesn't have a sense of life. You don't notice it because the protagonist doesn't have anyone to express it to. Do you understand?

By having the protagonist travel without closing his life in the original world, what I create is a specially crafted drama that gives the story a perfect sense, which will develop slowly.

The protagonist evolves, for better or worse, he will have his development, and by the time he returns to his original world, a new Jacob will be ready to hear his judgment.

Beyond being a fanfiction, this story has a purpose, and it's not about satisfying desires or illusions. Appreciate this story, and I promise I will finish it unless I transcend.

This story develops a perfect fanfiction of The Hunger Games, the only good one you can find for now on Webnovel. Thank you all for reading.

Hai :')

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