345 Not Helpless Anymore

Too weak to move, Jake didn't even try this time to embark on a slow and winding regeneration of his injuries and missing arms. He simply lay on the floor and closed his eyes to explore his options.

When Jake mentioned suicide, of course he had no intention of killing himself out of desperation or despondency. In fact, he wasn't willing to die at all. Unfortunately, he knew that dying was the most likely conclusion after what he was about to do.

Nevertheless, the time had not yet come. For he had to be able to carry out his doomed plan, and for that he had to be mobile, and stronger. Much stronger.

With each passing second, the Thralls and other prisoners were getting more powerful, becoming more terrifying and imposing with each passing second, their abilities evolving in unpredictable ways. Even if Jake could find a way to unlock the doors to return to the ultimate room, defeating these creatures had become impossible.


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