370 Let There Be Light And There Was Light

In addition to the endless round trips to pick up whatever he could near the nearest Oracle Shelter, Jake had also tried to meet and contact Cekt Mogusar several times to no avail.

The little alien was as elusive as he was untraceable and apparently Jake was far from being the only one looking for him. Many Evolvers, organizations and nations were actively searching for him. If the Aetherist had not developed well-honed strategies for hiding, he would have been untimely disturbed with no moment to himself.

Jake may have been his or one of his most recent disciples, but he had been given no means of contacting Cekt other than by the conventional means and he quickly gave up. If the alien wanted to see him he would let fate and luck do their work.

This was problematic, as he had very specific questions to ask for his terraforming plan and the Aether Cores setup, but that didn't mean that he was unable to do it on his own.


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