343 Last Struggle

Jake had no expectations in looking for them, since their Oracle Ranks surpassed his own, but if they wished to be found it was possible. If they were smart, they would have made it as close as they could to make it as easy as possible for him. Anyone still alive would have understood the true nature of this labyrinth long ago. It was the lack of Soul Stones that was the issue.

He wished to locate Ruby and Bawopi, but it turned out that the Nosk did not wish to be found. Luckily, his Shadow Guide gave him a direction when he tried to locate the young woman.

Once the target was pinpointed, Jake set off immediately. After almost two weeks of slow recovery, he needed to keep his mind busy. His Aetheric and physical stats had increased slightly after all the fighting and he was close to creating his Aether Core. He felt stronger than ever.


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