349 Interlude

Moments after the return of Jake, Hakkrasha and Ekaion, Xion Zolvhur's avatar lost his kind and benevolent smile, a placid indifference showing instead. What had not changed, however, was this sense of weariness and exhaustion.

The frail silhouette of the old Zhorion slowly levitated to another room that Jake and the other two Players hadn't been lucky enough to visit. The armored door opened automatically, letting the alien in without any issues.

A dark room full of surveillance screens and holograms bearing a strong resemblance to the inner layout of a spaceship greeted him, the dim ambient light reflecting off the old man and lending him a most eerie appearance.

Before the Ancient Designer could slouch into the only steel chair capable of supporting his weight and return to his prisoner's seclusion, a detestable voice echoed behind him.

"Xion, how much longer are you going to persist?"


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