359 Faction Name

"Fuck, who hit me? "Jake turned around sharply with a furious expression on his face.

Everyone but Tim raised their hands in solidarity. Jake was mad, but he couldn't really take revenge on all of them.

"I'm sorry Jake, but a name like that just isn't possible..." Will took the lead in justifying their actions. But his apologetic smile, far from pacifying him, had the exact opposite effect on Jake.

Giving everyone a glare with the exception of Tim, who was on his side, he immediately warned them that they had better have something better to suggest or he would stick to his choice.

"By the way, I warn you in advance," He added unequivocally, "my Floating Island will be called Jakeland, whatever the name of the faction that is eventually decided upon. If anyone complains again I will immediately call the faction "Sick My Duck" or another rotten pun of the same kind and then it'll be too late to come crying."


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