371 Crunch is Back

When Jake opened his eyes, a bright white light came out of his hands. As he lowered them, the dazzling sphere of light kept hovering in front of him.

Thrilled, he controlled the Aether mass to position it in the center of his island at a height of 20 meters. Technically, anyone could still take control of this Aether Core. He had refused to anchor it to a point in space or an object permanently so that he could move it as he wished in the future.

This artificial sun created only white light, but as the Aether Core became stronger, the brightness would only increase until it could illuminate a much bigger Floating Island.

He might even add more complexity to the Aether Symbol by adding the Heat Aether Spell to it. At that moment, this Sun would truly become one.

"Nice work, Jake. You may really have the talent to become an Aetherist." Xi's hologram praised him with admiration as she reviewed the arrangement of each Aether Rune. For a first time, he had done exceptionally well.


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