The Only Fuel Is Using The D. Book

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The Only Fuel Is Using The D.


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[THIS IS SMUT WITH PLOT] [This novel has Tsundere, Yandere, Glasses Girl, Slut, Kuudere, Tall Girl, Tanned, Tomboy, MILF, Dark-Skinned, and lots more!!] For three years Calix suffered from the Backlash of his undecipher Term Attribute. As he couldn't use his unique power, he went through series of misfortunes which caused him to lose his self-esteem. However, one day, he was caught in an incident that led him to awaken his hidden power(luck). "The fuel of my Term Attribute is sexual practices with the opposite gender?" ADVANCE 30 CHAPTERS: https://www.patreon.com/Puji_maki Warning: -This novel is R-18. -I can't promise you high-quality content since I write two other stories, I can't put all my time here. - You may found some errors here in there but I'm confident that this novel will be readable. -If I don't like the performance of this novel, I will drop this after hundred chaps. -I only accept a one-star rating. -I will update 5× a week. - The plot may become nonsensical sometimes, but it's because of Calix's unique luck. Don't nag me if you found that the plot lacks common sense. This is smut, duh. -I will put all of my shit here in this story. - Please leave a shitty review.

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