For centuries the dark days were over after the dark lord was defeated. It was peace in the world but deep down Galadriel knew the darkness hadn't vanished and after a few years of peace it all began again.

Cities were destroyed, families died saving their loved ones. Many began to ally with the dark forces. Anórien was saved somehow.

The celebration was unlike anything the kingdom of Anórien had ever seen. It was a big festival where people danced, sang, drank and cheered their prince for defeating the attack of orcs. Every street and corner in Minas Anor Valley; the capital city of Anórien decorated with red paper lanterns and every citizen had his heart filled with bliss because of the magnificent victory of his homeland.

The Princess of Luisa, Luisa Greene, dressed in a satin black dress with silver flowers embroidered on the shoulders, stood on the balcony to witness the grand celebration. The celebration marked a historic day for her kingdom, but there was no hint of joy on her delicate face.

"Aren't you joining the celebration princess?" Lord Mather in dark clothing leaned against the balcony on his back. He crossed his arms over his chest and studied the blank face of his princess.

Mather, the son of the head of the Anórien Supreme Council, was a human. Mather was considered the most powerful warrior in all the kingdom. He was the commander of the second battalion for the land of Anórien, an army of highly trained knights with noble bloodlines. "Some lost their parents, some lost their sons, some lost their brothers, some lost their lovers. Where is the light, where is the reason to celebrate, Mather?" She was looking into the eyes of her childhood friend. "Flowers cannot bloom in a land covered in the ashes of war. These momentary celebrations are nothing but a delusion to me." Knowing that the enmity between the darkness and light would not end until one perished, Luisa could neither calm her heart nor bring peace into her mind.

"If not, celebrate this victory for your brother. You are the princess of this kingdom. What will the elders say if you don't join the celebration?" Mather tried to convince her knowing how the elders would react in her absence. With her strong sense of justice and conflicting beliefs, she was already considered an eyesore, so refusing the grand celebrations would only add fuel to the fire.

Luisa shook her head and denied sternly, "Whatever they think, I have fulfilled my duty by going to war and staining my hand with the blood of orcs," her heart sank into a deep pit as she remembered all the death caused by them and the people who were also ally of Sauron.

Guilt boiled inside her and she was overcome with a sudden urge to throw up her guts. She covered her mouth and swallowed her remorse as a tear escaped her eye, caught by Mather before it could touch the dirt. "If we don't kill them, they will kill us and our loved ones," he sighed, clenching his fingers into a fist to hold back her tears. "In order to protect what is dear to us, we must do what we must," Mather's voice sounded an octave lower, a greenish blue crystal shining in the center of his palm as he unzipped.

"I know," Luisa gave him a painful smile and reached out to take the crystal back, but before she could, Mather gave her a weak smile and slipped the crystal into his pocket.

"Well, at least we can complain about the war while living a luxurious life, thinking about the poor people. There's collateral damage after all," Mather reminded Luisa of the sad reality of their world.

"In a world filled with so much hate and darkness, the weak and the innocent suffer the most," she agreed, pausing midway to brush away the tears that welled up in her eyes. "I wish I could help them. I could protect them all, I wish this nightmare would end." Mather's eyes softened as he listened to her. As the only princess of their nation, she constantly fulfilled her duties by putting aside her personal beliefs and feelings. However, Mather was aware of the anxiety she was hiding in her heart as 'Luisa of Anórien'.



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