THE two just finished dinner and were now drinking tea while admiring the moon. Astrid drank the tea, although it wasn't as good as their family's home-grown tea, it would suffice. Apparently, Wulfric thought so as well, because the other said;

"Ever since I drank your family's tea, no other kinds of tea even came close."

After saying that, Wulfric put down the cup and looked at it with disgust.

Astrid smiled seeing this. "I think it's okay," he said, putting down his own cup. "But if you like our tea, then I guess this little gift will make you happy."

After he said that, he took out a two boxes of tea leaves from his space stone and put it before Wulfric. The newly harvested tea leaves sent by his parents finally arrived the day before yesterday. The first thing he thought was to put aside two boxes for Wulfric.


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