AFTER doing the couple challenge, Astrid and Wulfric decided to look around the horror theme park. Going around and checking every attraction. As they did, Astrid could see that Wulfric was in a very good mood. The other's every step was light. It's almost as if there were small flowers floating around him. 

It's not hard to guess the cause for this. It's definitely because of those stuff toys they won at the castle. Astrid was still quite amazed by it. Because the stuff toys were made quite fast. The fact that they were based on his and Wulfric's looks meant that they were only made right after they completed the challenge. Just how fast was that?

But then again, this was the interstellar era. He shouldn't really be that surprised at how advanced the technology was.

Now, each of their stuff toys were safely tuck in their space stones.


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