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The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era


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As per tradition (my tradition to be exact lol), since we're 10 chapters in, I'm going to shamelessly give myself 5🌟. 😊 As I've said on my author's note on the first chapter, I'm not really planning on writing a new BL. At least not yet. But the plot of this one had been bothering me and it just wouldn't leave me alone. So, yeah, I gave in and just wrote it. 😅 This story would mainly revolve around the entertainment circle, as the title suggested. But since it's set on the Interstellar era, a lot of things would definitely be different from your normal entertainment circle story. There would be secrets here and there and some face-slapping now and again. But the journey of our MC would definitely not be that smooth. Well, probably just a tad bit. He might just win it all with his 'beauty'. LOL. A little warning, the ML here would be a big yandere. But he will improve. Hopefully. 😅 Anyways, I truly hope that you will enjoy reading this! 😊

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I'm not into BL but when I read The return of the God Level Assassin. I realize that not all BL story is gross and awful.Thank you author for creating another beautiful story. I love the story you made🥰🥰.


EEEEK!!!! Im so excited that your writing another book! Im obsessed with Return of the god level assassin and you are my fav author of all times!!!


I LOVE IT ! The background stories of the parents is so interesting i cant wait for it to confont the twins .We have an mature MC , will probably be OC.


Since I came here after The return of the god level assassin ,I already had high hopes for this novel . And I am seriously not disappointed...😀Even though it's been only 10 chapters , one can tell the plot is not very complicated and the characters are Lovely too .😘. it do resembles to the return of the god level assassin in some places .. like how the MC is so beautiful that everyone wanna come at him , also the protective nature of the younger brother... But still it doesn't makes me feel irritated or bored cause there are way other things to grab my attention and I am really looking forward to how the story will unfold . I just hope to get fast releases for both novels , cause it's hard too wait for too long ... 😦


I know I would loooove this BL just like I'm obsessed with The return of the God level assassin and also other novels by my favorite author, already started and I like the ways it's going only reason why this is a 4.8 is because I want to encourage Tyramisu on the updates (well it's not like I can have enough of any of your novels so I'll be selfish to ask for more[img=update] and faster he he😁) but in general, GO FOR IT we're rooting for you and ready to follow this novels through


This story has inspired me to actually join webnovel. I'm looking forward to future updates and plan to read the author's other stories when time permits.... So many thanks author. Please keep writing and sharing the journey of Astrid with us. I can't wait for him to become a star and eagerly await the reunion with a certain wolfish General-Prince. Hehe. Much love and admiration from a typically silent reader! XOXO!


🥰✨This novel is really a hidden masterpiece 🥰✨ It's my first time downloading this app and I literally in love with this novel👉👈 Looking forward 👀😊


The amount of filler for the past 15 chapters is what annoys me about this story. I understad you are trying to show the mothers backstory and how the parents met and under what circumstances, but come on. 15 chapters could be condensed. I might star reading if its over but im more interested in the MC and ML than i am about the parents, no matter how much they pertain to the story developement.


Because this is still new i will give 5 stars! Well this is one of my favourite genre actually, Interstellar and Idol. So, please i need more chapter. And as always from one of my fav Author, the story is so beautiful, the flow, the chara, and the background *chef kiss* perfect. Thanks for giving me a new story, I'm hungry for story like this


I am definitely not rich. I don't waste my coins on unlocking chapters if it's not a worthy book. so when I am so interested that I batch unlock chapters then it's definitely a 5 star book. I have been teaching for over 20 years so I am really picky about Grammer. but I can easily overlook mistakes if the book is good. this book is so good! I have binge read it and can't wait for more chapters. This a really great story and will be looking forward to reading the rest!


Casually browsing bl and found this gem! Ticks all the boxes- great story, great characters, bl and fabulous author, what's not to like? Greatly excited for more to come! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Love love love it ❤❤❤ The characters are so awesome 😍 Love the MC, knowing to adapt to the time and situations. Love the bonding of the family Please keep up the good work ✨🎊


it's a very nice read. It kept me hooked up [img=recommend]


I love this story and if anyone that comes cross this book then plz read all the reviews because everything good they say is true to be honest I don't really like other books besides fanfics but when I saw this book I guess it got my attention and now I finished the book in just 7 hours, also if the author reads this then I just want to say how good this book is, hope you all have a great day and this story can brighten you day even more😊


I am instantly hooked with the story. Being an interstellar idol is a new concept to me. I also love that their are some super power element into it. I like that thr MC is passion-driven. I wish that the possessiveness of the ML will developed in a wholesome and cute way. Overall, this novel is amazing and worth reading... Good job, Author.


please keep updating it regularly. I finally found an interesting bl story. I want to see the reaction Of Prince when he Realises that "He had been had by our MC"👹👹


Im in love


The storyline is very good, development is at a very good pace! I have great expectations in this work! I hope the next chapters! (♡ω♡ ) ~♥


For lord Jesus, you are a genius! How did you do this masterpiece of story?! It's practically perfect. Right now, it's my favorite book of all WebNovel