Silver Moon Awards v: [We're pleased to announce the nominees for the Rookie of the Year Award. Recognizing exceptional newcomers in the world of cinema. Check out the contenders for this prestigious honor. Who do you think deserves to take home the title?]

And under that post were the names of the nominees, along with a short clip of their appearance on the movie they were in.

There were five names. Wulfric bypassed the first four and din't even bother to look at them. His gazed just zeroed in on the fifth name.

[Astrid Townsend (The Sleeping God)]

He almost jumped up in joy when he read Aster's name. But he resisted the urge, since he was still on a video call with Aster. Instead, he looked at the other and shared the good news.

"Aster, it's already official. You're nominated for Rookie of the Year at that Silver Moon Awards!"


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