WULFRIC looked back at the things that Hildred said to him earlier, about the possibility that Aster was only acting on that video that was taken from Edmund's button camera. 

According to Hildred, Aster on that trending video was calm and collected despite facing a hostage taker.  So, the question was, how could he be afraid of him to the point of crying and begging for his life?

The answer to that question was quickly revealed the moment the filming of that music video began.  Even if Wulfric had no idea what was good or bad acting in terms of the entertainment industry, he could tell at a glance that Aster was very talented. 

He had shown such a wide range of emotion in just a span of minutes.  Even if he didn't know what the music video was about, just by watching his performance, he could easily tell that the song was about hopelessness.  If he could do that, then he could have also easily staged that 'fearful' and 'cowardly' act.


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