As the title implied, I'm going through an indefinite hiatus. I completely lost my motivation writing this story—it's an internal conflict. On one hand I love my imagination and worldbuilding, on the other—the world, the power system, the characters... they just had so much potential but ruined by my newbie writing.

I want to resume this novel in the future but make it better. I'm not going to stop writing; but most likely, I'm not going to upload any chapter until further notice in this novel anymore. 

The chances of me coming back to this novel is high. I still, and will always love what I created here—but unfortunately I don't want to butcher with my meage writing skills. In this following hiatus, I'm going to outline and re-think everything I want about the novel.

With this, It's highly recommend that you shouldn't read this. But if you're still interested, who am I to stop you? Anyways, for the readers who came along with the journey and read through it all—thank you. Thank you so much. If you still have interest in this series, I wish to say don't worry and I'll still write in the future, but that's too much of a promise.

Thank you for all of your support even if I don't deserve it! 

If you're interested in my next work I'll upload it during this month. It would probably be wildly different from this novel, however, since I want to branch out my writing.

Signed out, Deathilim.

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