39 Chapter 39: Master

In a realm where matter is non existent, and thoughts, concepts and astral souls float all around. A figure suddenly appeared somewhere in the realm, on it's hand was an soul with blackened spots on its corners.

"Oh? Why are you here?" A rough and husky voice spoke as the it sensed a familiar figure suddenly appear.

"I want a favor from you." The mystical figure said in a straight forward manner.

"Eh, a favor from you seems beneficial," The gruff voice responded, "So what is it?"

"I want you to repair this soul, don't leave out the time and foreign elements." The figure spoke as it emphasized the last words.

"A soul fixing? Why would you need me for that?" The gruff voice asked in confusion. Fixing, repairing, and creating was his specialty, but it didn't mean he was good at repairing souls. He knew how to, but there was a better person for that.

"The soul entered one of those blood suckers domain." The figure replied as it shook it's head.

"Oh, so that was the problem. Corruption and chaotic integration," The gruff voice muttered as it hummed, instantly an ordinary looking hammer appeared on the realm. "Here, use this, don't ask me again for something so minor."

"My hands are tied. I can remove the corruption, but not without damaging the elements of the soul," The figure soke in resignation. The gruff voice simply dissapeared and didn't reply anymore.

"Come." The figure ordered as the ordinary looking hammer suddenly flew to his hand.

"Truly, a one of kind master class..." The figure muttered as it slammed the hammer to the soul. The soul burned in white fire as blackened chaos within it's features suddenly dissapeared.

"My friend, you still cannot die at this point," The figure had a slight smile on it's face as it throwed the soul to the vast universe.

A few minutes later when the soul had dissapeared. The figure's smile grew larger, losing the brilliant innocence and replacing it with devilish intent, "...You still have a lot of use for me, Rio #$-+."

"Graghkkk.....!" A brown haired man screeched as his body trembled and gushed out blood. The pain surpassed what he had originally imagined. It was soul crushing. Mind breaking.

"You even survived and came back at such an encounter?" A large muscular man floated in the dimension as a smile rose in his lips. "Should I say you're lucky? Or unlucky?"

"Haa...haa..." Rio panted as the pain in his body slowly lose out. What had happened? He only remembered his soul escaping from his body and dissapear, afterwards he was captured..he couldn't remember the name.

"I gotta say, you're one unlucky and lucky bastard at the same time." Faust commented as he looked at Rio struggle to breathe.

"What...happenned...?" Rio asked as he breathed slowly, "Did...the...ritual...succeed?"

"Your efforts and determination did not go unrewarded, kid." Faust said as a smirk rose in his face, "You survived the ritual and got the second Miracle Core."

"Thank...god..." Rio gleefully spoke as he slowly lost conscioussness. The pain was too much, he was doing everything that he can to stay awake. The pain tortured him.

"Hm, get knocked out," Faust commented as he shook his head. He had to prepare everything his inheritance now, the kid survived so he had to reward him, atleast that's what he was supposed to do.

However, an idea suddenly striked his mind as he looked at the brown haired man that was peacefully slumbering, he muttered with excitement, "Yes...yes...that could work..."

In the streets of the Royal Capital, a blonde haired young man with luxurious clothes and elegant bearing stepped out from a long limousine.

Everyone at the place stopped and stared at the young man that came out from the car. Many eyes were filled with envy and some teenage women were lovestruck as a blush covered their face.

"Is this where Arcuied is at?" The blonde haired young man wondered aloud as he looked at the place infront of him. It was a large five star restaurant. He had never came in a restaurant before, mostly it was because all of his chefs were 5 stars, so the notion of going outside to eat was unneccessary.

Suddenly, the large door of the restaurant opened as a young man stepped out of the building. The young man had white hair and shining gold eyes, his eyes slowly look over the limousine and eventually stopping at the blonde haired noble.

"Why did you have to arrive so showy? Now, everyone is looking." Arcuied grumbled as he averted his eyes from the oogling of the people in the streets. He was never really a fan of attention.

"Semantics, semantics..." Eugene dismissed as he waved his hands, he hummed as a butler appeared before him, "First, we have to get some weapons. Come with me."

"Sure, but where are we going?" Arcuied nodded as he followed the noble to inside the limousine. It was his first time riding a long car before, he wasn't really much present in the royal capital as he spent his time mindlessly killing beasts.

"To my place, at the deeper side of the Kingdom," Eugene casually spoke as he leaned over to his seat and look over the mirror at Arcuied, "I'm suprised you were in a restaurant, don't the Academy give free food to the students?"

"I like the particular food in there." Arcuied replied as he dropped down his bag to the seat.

"I see, though, I've never heard of the restaurant before, It looks like a third rate one," Eugene commented, "I don't get why you would go there."

"Not everything is about the rating," Arcuied responded as he shook his head, "Maybe you would change your mind after eating it."

"Or, I can just ask my chefs to cook it for me." Eugene added in. He never really thought of the idea of eating outside the place. At one, what was the point? In another reason, who knew if there were some assasin that would poison his food.

"Suit yourself, it wouldn't be the same." Arcuied sighed in resignation as he comfortably sat at the comfy chair inside the car.

"What's the food anyway? I'm intriguied now," Eugene asked as he raised his eyebrows, "I might join you if we return back alive from this trip."

"Young Master Eugene!" The butler shouted in worry as sweat poured down in his forehead. Now he was concerned to let the young man go alone.

"Relax, I'm just joking." Eugene chuckled as he waved his hands, "Beside, life and death struggles are part of being a Miracle Invoker, no?"

"I agree, though I certainly don't enjoy being in the throes od death like a certain someone." Arcuied replied in a flat tone.

"Oh hey now, are you calling me weird?" Eugene asked as he exxagerattedly raised his eyebrows in an act of feeling offended.

"...You are weird." Arcuied muttered.

In an unknown place, inside was a small room as a brown haired man had his eye wide open while staring at the muscular man beside him in disbelief.

"...What did you say?" Rio asked again. Did he hear things right?

"I said, that you get my inheritance completely." Faust spoke as he raised his eyebrows.

"No, no, the other one." Rio said as he waved his hand.

"What other one? You get my inheritance completely, what's confusing about that?" Faust asked in confusion as he looked at Rio stupidly.

"Damn it," Rio cursed as he continued, "I meant, about you saying that you will join me!"

"Oh, that? What's the problem about it?" Faust wondered as he floated above the bed.

"There's no problem at all, but it's just too sudden!" Rio shouted as he continued, "First, how will you join me? Aren't you dead?"

"Jeez, don't shout kid." Faust grumbled as he shook his head, dragging along his ragged and messy hair, "I've attached myself to your second Miracle Core, so I'm officially now part of you."

"So I didn't even have a choice at the matter..?" Rio mumbled as he thought of the prospect. It wasn't really a problem, he would even go as far to say It would be the best thing that could happen in this trip.

The man, first and foremost, before he was a knuckleheaded martial artists, was a genius at combat and weapon mastery. If the man joined him, he could learn a thing or two about martial arts and use his second Miracle Core more efficiently.

The more he thought of it, the more it sounded beneficial and useful. Before he could even settle his mind, his mouth opened and spoke, "I accept."

"You sure are desperate to be my disciple." Faust chuckled as he dropped himself to the ground and patted Rio's shoulder, "Then, from this day forward, in the memory of my legacy, I, Faust Strider, will be you master."

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