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What is The Noble Queen-A Shadow Slave Fanfic

Read ‘The Noble Queen-A Shadow Slave Fanfic’ Online for Free, written by the author NobleQueenBee, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Volume I is complete! Volume 2 is in progress. Queen Bee may have lost to Mongrel in the Dreamscape, but that is not whe...


Volume I is complete! Volume 2 is in progress. Queen Bee may have lost to Mongrel in the Dreamscape, but that is not where her story ends. Nor is it where her journey began. Get a deeper glimpse into the waking world of Shadow Slave through the eyes of one of the Dreamscape's top duelists. Special thanks to Guiltythree for all his help with the lore. I appreciate your time very much! Also thanks to Nonsensefree, the story's content editor. You made my life much easier. Thank you!

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Love it :] Do you miss the duel scenes in Dreamscape? Wondering who was Mongrel's mysterious opponent in the finale of the Dream Tournament? Curious to see a parade of cameos by the members of Guilty Guild? Then give it read!


If you’re like me, you might be a bit skeptical when it comes to reading fanfiction. On one hand it can be a little daunting to leave behind your favorite characters and try to get invested into a whole new cast in their place. On the other hand, if the story stays too close to the canon work, it runs the risk of trampling on the world and story that we fell in love with. It’s a difficult task for fanfic authors, and I don’t envy their position. This story manages to tread that line masterfully. Noble is a character we are already vaguely familiar with and the setting is close enough to what we know and love, but far enough away that it’s interesting and fresh. With 8 chapters out at the time of this review, I’m already invested in the family we’re brought into, and intrigued by some of the plot threads beginning to take shape. The constantly parading cast of cameos is amusing and endearing and I like that some of them serve as deeper hooks into the plot that seems to be taking form. The writing quality is quite high, and I haven’t noticed any issues with tenses or other grammatical issues that are typical with fanfiction. Updates seem to be daily for now so it’s a great supplement to read alongside shadow slave every day. All in all I’m glad I gave this a shot and I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you do too.


Wow wow wow is all I can say! I can’t wait for more chapters. This novel has the right amount of everything and the writing/story telling is beautiful. It feels like I’m actually reading a spin-off. Can’t wait to read more of Queen Bees journey in the shadow slave universe. Please give a read you won’t be disappointed! :) and thank you for your time and dedication for this amazing fanfic!


Do you love shadowslave? do you love the universe G3 has made? but do you absolutely HATE his main cast? "Sunny" what a guy, who does he think he is? the mc?!? Well fear no more because this novel has it all. It continues after the dreamscape arc with the actual mc. take notes g3! (Note: this review may or may not be taken with a hint of satire, either way it's a good read )


This book is one of my most favourite novels. Ever. It is a slice of life novel with action, humour, and suspense, and even drama! It has a bit of everything and is a delicious gourmet meal prepared by a professional world-class chef. I have enjoyed reading it, and I hope you will as well. It is well worth the time and it builds on the Shadow Slave universe so incredibly. If you enjoy Shadow Slave, and want to see behind the scenes of how the universe is, this fanfic is your best bet! It is immersive and well written with notes from the author Guiltythree, himself. It has been my great honour to read this fanfic and I hope you too will enjoy it and come to be a fan!


Have you ever wondered what a more normal life would look like while reading Shadow Slave? Ever wanted more insight about earth? Were you captivated by some of the secondary characters? Are you just an addict that wants more content? If you answer yes to even just one of those questions, then this fan-fic is for you. A solid spin-off and an interesting exploration of Shadow Slave's 'real world', this could pass as its own novel. Great update frequency and a very committed writer, who is working directly with the original book's author, bonus points for the huge amounts of cameos and references. All in all, what can I say, if you're involved with the comminity it's a must read, even if you aren't it's definitely a good way to scratch the Shadow Slave itch.


“The Noble Queen” expands the shadow slave universe with flair. It introduces captivating characters and an engaging storyline that respects the original lore while adding fresh twists. While occasionally falling back on familiar tropes, its immersive world-building and well-paced plot make it a satisfying read for fans of the series. Every fan of shadow slave webnovel series should give this fanfic a read


Great FanFic! Instead of constant nail-biting adrenaline-inducing cliffhangers, it is sort of a Slice Of Life look into the Shadow Slave universe from what I have seen so far. There have also been elements of Mystery and Thriller with the developing plot line. Overall it's a great peer into the life of the average Awakened!


I am really loving the fanfic thus far. It has a few chapters, as I am writing this review. So, it is really a good time to start reading now. Also, the interactions that the characters have appear genuine and meaningful. The cameos are a nice touch and fun to point out.


It's hard not to be biased when you are reviewing someone's work that you know and appretiate. Trying to do so, I will say that so far, this is a top notch read, and a solid and faithful fanfic of Shadow Slave. The writing quaility matches that of other big name novels, and the story premise is pretty intriguing, especcially since it uses the world of Shadow Slave as a baisis, and not a crutch. If you loved SS, I suggest reading this, even if you don't undsrstand the cameos~ I am looking forwords to more chapters!


Wonderfully written by a wonderful author. Great slice of life with lots of love, laughter, action, and worldbuilding. I cant wait to read the rest!


"Testing....testing....hello? this thing on? well anyway: Ms Bee is a fantastic writer. and as one who has had the absolute privilege to read far into her fanfiction of Shadow Slabe I can say that her personal novels definitely need a closer look. back to the review though. read it. you won't regret it. Ms Bee took the point of a view of a mundane, slice of life Awakened and made it relatable and enjoyable. theres action, family matters, hurt and pain but also joy and laughter! helps put things into perspective of what life would be like if you were an awakened during the time if the pervasive Nightmare and the supposed benevolent Spell! make sure to read this awesome fanfiction! This is Bane signing off!"


Well it's not everyday you get to witness the birth of an incredible story, even rarer it's a story from a person you trust will take the utmost care in crafting a story her readers can immerse themselves in. In terms of stories I've read that've stuck a genuine smile to my face till the point it hurt, this is up there with the best of them. And no, that isn't sly commentary on my taste in books, but rather the highest praise I can give an author. Each chapter is masterfully crafted by someone with decades of experience, and it shows. Also, there's some weird lost guy in the story, see if you can find him.


This is a very good story, I loved reading it, the author is amazing and everything about it is enjoyable. I loved the character interactions mostly!


Excellent fanfic to Shadow Slave, really more of a supplemental side story since it is author approved! Stellar writing quality, developed characters, good interaction with SS without interfering with established canon. Like a real behind-the-scenes look at the worldbuilding. Excellent read! Definitely reccomend!


oh it's QueenBee lol I have not even read it but I bet it will be good 👍😊


i need more!!! and can we make this fan fiction canon pls?!?! pls keep writing!!!!!!


I love the focus on the waking world in this fanfic :) it is very refreshing and I love the characterization with Noble and her Aspect/Flaw. Amazing!


I’m really excited to see how the story will go, and seeing the lives of awakened from a new view is really interesting.


A very sweet person with an astounding amount of care for the Guilty community, she put a lot of time and effort for this fanfiction and thus should be given immense credit for it. 4 stars for character design because I unfortunately don't exist as a part of the roster, a grave mistake if I say so myself but alas. I do think it's well written, and I look forward to future chapters from our lovely author.


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