The Nine Tails Of Time Traveler Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Nine Tails Of Time Traveler


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Be careful! You are entering a hot area! Under-age, forbidden to read! For those who like romance, you must read this story! Cho Ye Joon—Gumiho who came to the future of Indonesia through the thunderbolt without sound. . “Give up, you gadfly Gumiho!!” the man shouted in front of him. "Cho Ye Joon," the man said, the signal giver approached. Possessing the body of an Archeology student named Nevan Taksan. He was trying to find a way out for return to his past. "Are you embarrassed?" Nevan asked spreading the corners of his lips. Bellona stopped when she was already covered by Nevan's Coat, and was stunned by her appearance. "Nevan?" Bellona said quietly. "Let me take you home!" broke up Nevan. A swarm of enemies comes upon him and traps Cho Ye Joon, his friend and girlfriend—Nevan into another world, with objects are found with Korean history books. He did everything he could to find a way out. Luckily, a Gumiho guard remains in the same world. Through the mind and soul of that world, he was able to find the fox marble. Where the Fox marble is in Bellona's body—Nevan's girlfriend, the reincarnation of a woman from his past. Can the Gumiho save himself with the two people from another world? Cover by : @nobidesign